Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve!!

Remembering Christmases past....

Dad's last Christmas with us, 2010

Mom's last Christmas with us, 2007

Christmas changes a lot once your family is gone, especially when you have young children.  It's the four of us every day, so how to make Christmas feel different?  Their friends are all visiting grandma and have aunts, uncles, and cousins. My girls have no clue what it's like to have extended family to visit.  Valerie and Veronica don't seem to mind much, but then they do not know any different.  They don't remember much of my Mom at all, and the few years we had with my Dad, he came to our house.

It's 80 degrees today and so humid.  It's just YUCK outside with dampness.  It still doesn't feel much like Christmas.  Yesterday I played Christmas music on Pandora all day.  We made Oreo balls and decorated cookies for Santa.  Both kids are pretty wired today and can't wait for tonight.  We'll have our usual "party food" and open gifts.  And of course, SANTA passes tonight as well.  Ready or not, Christmas is here!!

Tomorrow, we ordered a ham dinner from a local grocery store.  We usually get a turkey dinner, but this year we decided to give the ham a try.  There's no point in spending hours in the kitchen for just the four of us.  Other than a nice dinner, we'll probably sit around all day while the kids play with their new stuff.

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!

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