Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas re-cap

Christmas Eve we had our usual party food, but not until after a fight about a sandwich tray.  We usually have 'wedding sandwiches' as the kids call them.  Chicken salad sandwiches cut in triangles.  Veronica spied variety sandwich trays at the grocery store and asked if we could get one for Christmas Eve.  I told Clint it was up to him.  If he wanted just chicken salad, we could do that ourselves.  Or if he wanted a tray, we could get one.  For some unknown reason, he ordered a sandwich tray with just chicken salad on it.  He paid $13 for five chicken salad sandwiches instead of the regular tray with the chicken salad, ham, turkey, and roast beef sandwiches.    He says I told him to do that -- ?????   On what planet, I do not know.

We ended up making a quick trip to the corner store to buy some sliced turkey and making a few sandwiches because Valerie doesn't eat chicken salad anyway, hence part of the reasoning behind getting a sandwich tray in the first place.

After that was somewhat resolved, we had our usual party fare dinner.  We cleaned up a bit and it was on to the presents!!  Santa usually brings the good stuff, so the wrapped gifts under the tree were small.

It may sound petty, but it does send a pang of being unappreciated when you, the Mom, spends months planning and put so much effort into searching for gifts for your family and nothing is done for you.  I started back in September and spent hours looking online and running around town and spent all of my "free" Kohl's cash on my family.  Nobody went shopping for me.  I bought myself a Dyson and some new night shirts.  Valerie gave me a ceramic pony she painted at a sleepover at a friend's house last summer.  Veronica bought me a "Mom" ring (with money I gave her) from the junk for sale at school,  It's huge and I'll never wear it.  Clint got me a waffle maker, which I did ask for.  My square Belgium waffle is in pretty bad shape, so I said I could use a new one.  He got me a round waffle maker from Amazon.  It's a nice one and I know, I know. It's not about that. I don't really need the stuff, but it's just the idea.  I spent so much time on everyone else and no one spent any time on me.  It still stings a bit and makes you feel forgotten when you make sure everyone else has surprises to open and you don't.....

We cleaned up the mess a bit and sent the girls to bed.  Sort of.  Veronica was so nervous that she couldn't sleep.  I checked in on her and she seemed to be out, so I started getting the candy ready for the stockings.  I turned holding Reeses' trees and Hershey bars - and there she was.  OOPS.  I hurried and put the candy down behind me and ushered her in the opposite direction.  Clint ended up laying with her while I moved everything from the secret location in the garage to the utility room.  We waited a bit, then Clint kept watch while I moved everything as fast as I could to under the tree.  I didn't even set it up neatly - just put everything in a pile!

NOT FIVE MINUTES later, Veronica sneaks out of her room.  We were sitting in bed, so we pretended to be asleep when she excitedly came in to tell us Santa had passed!!!  Veronica was up for a while after that, then Valerie got up.  I gave up and told them they could look but to NOT open anything until morning!!!   I have no clue how long they stayed up, but I do know Veronica was up at 4:30am whispering Merry Christmas and trying to have a conversation about the stuff under the tree....    Oh boy.

Thankfully, it was after 8am before they were up again for good!!

just before midnight

she couldn't sleep

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