Saturday, December 26, 2015

Clearance Day!

Today is my most favorite day of the year!!!  It's CLEARANCE day!!  Oh, the things you can find for half price today.  As usual, I was at Wal-mart just after the doors opened at 6am.   Just like the other scavengers, I grabbed a buggy and headed straight to the garden center.  Everything Christmas had neatly been relocated to the gigantic clearance section. Pickings were slim this year which was a disappointment.  Usually I stock up on bath items and hair care.  This year, there seemed to be more perfume than anything.  I did score some men's Old Spice 3 piece gift sets for under $5.   I found $2.88 Colgate Spin Toothbrush sets for Veronica.  I picked up some lip gloss and perfume for me.  I came home and Clint headed out.  He picked up lights galore to add to our dancing lights display for next year.

I packed up almost all of the inside decorations.  We were working on the tree and decided we'd run to Target to see what was there.  I'm glad we did because Target had "stuff" galore!  We picked up some more outside decorations and lights.  I think we are set for Christmas 2016 as far as decorations go!

Now we have to figure out where to store it all.....

Tomorrow we'll finish putting away the tree and I hope to deep clean my living room.  It's been a while and I want to put my new Dyson to the test!!
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