Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Crusty butt

It's no secret that Bella is a big girl.  She's always been on the plus size of things, and in spite of being on a diet, she has gotten larger.  On my scale she weighed in at 22 lbs, but on the vet's yesterday, she weighed just over 20.  With this weight issue comes another problem.  When she tries to groom her hindquarters, she just sort of rolls to the side.  Can't reach.  Belly's too big. Just lay here like a slug.

Bella has had a poo issue for a little bit.  It's not diarrhea but it's close.  Her solution to not being able to do her grooming has been to wipe her butt on the floor.  I'll get up some mornings and find a nice streak of brown smear on the tile.  Or the rug.  Or where ever Bella decides is a good place to wipe her big butt!  Gross.  And her butt smells TERRIBLE.  The kids have started calling her 'stinky butt.' We can't stand to have her near us.  I've given her several baths, which is no easy task.  With in a few days, she was back where she started.  Crusty, smelly, butt.

I'd been planning to bring her to the vet for a well visit and ask them about it, but it got put on the back burner.  Yesterday Bella seemed to be in more distress than usual.  She was laying around with her leg propped up.  Each time one of us got near her, she'd hiss and growl.  She had a panicked look in her eyes and would run away from us.  Ok, Ok, I get it..... your butt hurts!!

Clint was home to help lug her tubby butt to the vet.  The doc poked and prodded, which Bella DID NOT LIKE ONE BIT.  He seemed perplexed as well.  Maybe it's parasites, which they are checking for.  Could be intestinal issues or infection.  OR it could very well be just that she's too fat and needs to drop some pounds to take care of her cat business.  They cleaned her up and sent me home with some meds to try.  Oh and also, she needs to be on a diet. A prescription cat food diet, but we aren't going that route just yet.

I'm sure you all are just fascinated by my cat butt adventure.  Hopefully stinky crusty butt is on the mend now.

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