Sunday, December 06, 2015

Destruction in progress

Oh the joys of owning a kitten at Christmas.  From day one, Gizmo claimed the tree as his domain.

It's been a challenge keeping him out of it.  He climbs almost to the very top!!  Bats ornaments until they fall to the floor.  I have a spray bottle of water close at hand and it sends him into retreat mode.  Every morning I wake up to more ornaments scattered on the rug.  It seems he knows he can get away with it when I'm not looking. I fully expect to find the tree laying on the floor one of these mornings.

Our fourteen year old Sassy on the other hand, is content to just hang out under the tree.  Her kitten days are long over.

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  1. Hah - I feel your pain. In 2009 we added two kittens to our family. That was the last year we were able to put anything breakable on the tree (prior to that the cats would just leave the tree alone), as they have then taught their tree-climbing skills to each success newcomer.

  2. We once had a cat that knocked over the tree when we were all at Midnight Mass - back in the day when the tree lights got really hot. The carpet got scorched, so it's a good thing Mass wasn't much longer than it was!

  3. Our cat used to do that too! What's with cats and Christmas trees!?