Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Gizzie Gizmo aka Bing Bong

We adopted Gizmo from the shelter this past July.  I had been searching for a particular kind of kitten, and when his pic popped up on Facebook, he was too cute to pass up.  I had to go through some red tape to get approved to adopt him though.  Bella had up-to-date vet records, but my old girl SassyCat did not.  In all honesty, she is 14 and very scared of everything, so bringing her to the vet wasn't ideal.  I did it though because I really wanted this kitty.

He was tiny, barely 6 weeks old.  Smart as can be right from the start, too.  The kids had just watched the movie "Inside Out" and wanted to name him Bing Bong.  Um no!  We finally decided on Gizmo, but he still gets called Bing Bong from time to time.

Gizzie's antics have been quite entertaining.  He certainly is a busy body and needs to be in the middle of whatever I am doing.  He comes with me to brush my teeth.  He sits at my feet while I'm cooking.  He watches me when I wash clothes.

Gizmo does some odd things, as most cats do.  He keeps putting his toys in the water bowl.  (???)

I had forgotten how vocal Siamese cats can be.  I had forgotten what great climbers Siamese cats are.

Uhhhhh. No clue.

I knew he was smart.  Gizzie taught me a new game.  Unfortunately it's usually 2am when he decides it's time to play.  Thankfully today it was after 8am.

He had a squishy ball he liked best, but it seems to be lost.  He moved on to a Barbie purse.  The funny thing is, after I tossed it a few times, he disappeared with it for a bit.  He brought it back. soaking. wet.  He had dunked it in the water bowl, then brought it back to play.  HA!

I love my handsome baby boy.

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  1. Aw, he's a sweet pea! He looks a little like a friendly Grumpy Cat.