Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I have lost my mind

Somebody please check on me Thursday morning to see if I have survived.

Somehow, I was convinced of having a sleepover to celebrate Valerie's birthday.  It's tomorrow night.  The plan is to have a party first with pizza and a fireworks show, then an optional sleepover to follow. Valerie handed out invitations left and right.  I was thinking that these people hardly know us and there's no way any mom would allow her child to spend the night with strangers.  Wrong.  Little did I know that nearly everyone invited would partake in the sleeping over also.  I'm going to have eleven little girls here for the night -- gah!!   Most of them I know are well behaved, but there are a few that I am concerned about.  It's supposed to RAIN most of the day tomorrow, but we hopeful for a short break in the weather to pop fireworks.  If not -- I don't have a back up plan.

I'm sure it'll be fun but wish me luck anyway!!

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