Sunday, December 20, 2015

On being a writer

I guess you could say the need to write has always been there.

When I was about five or six, I wrote a "book."  I still have it somewhere as I found it when clearing out my parents' house.  It was about my dog running away and it was all my Dad's fault.  My Dad helped me cut some loose leaf paper into fourths, stapled it together, and I wrote and illustrated it with an ink pen.  Little bitty me thought it was amazing that My Dad knew how to put a book together!

I actually enjoyed creative writing assignments in school.  To me, it was fun writing stories and re-writing them to get them just so.  I read books like crazy and would find a young adult novel that related to my feelings and often think I could write a book just like that.  I'd often think that one day I was going to write a book that would move people. I never did though.

For years I kept pen and paper journals.  I was probably twelve or thirteen when I began, and over the years filled page after page of notebooks and kept at it until my twenties. I wrote when I was happy.  I wrote when I was sad.  I wrote when I had nothing to say at all.  I read over them not long ago.  I don't remember being so boy crazy, but there it is on paper.  (Ha!)

I had penpals galore in high school.  This was before computers and we exchanged handwritten letters almost weekly.  How I loved getting mail!  The thrill of finding envelope after envelope addressed to me was irreplaceable back then.  I collected pretty stationery and stickers, and we exchanged birthday gifts and Christmas cards.  At one time I had twenty-three penpals from various places all over the world!  There are a few pals that I still keep in touch with on Facebook.

Then along came email, and the letter writing faded away.  I got a real job and had my first email address.  It was the neatest thing to instantly write someone an email and get a reply the same day!!  I eventually got connected to the web at home and made online friends.  I had lengthy email conversations with virtual strangers who became friends.  Just like checking the snail mail box, I got a thrill when I'd hear the 'you've got mail' chime.  Over time, that too dwindled.

I used to be an avid blogger.  I posted often, you could almost say daily.  Even if it was just a few sentences to tell a funny story, I wrote.  I would be out and about and think that this would make a great blog post!!  Facebook killed some of that because you can post a hundred random status updates a day with the touch of a screen where ever you are instead of taking the time to compose a thoughtful blog post like this one.

I still write here but the posts are few and far in between.

In all honesty, I miss blogging.  I miss my blog.  There are lots of memories on these pages.  Some are ordinary things that would have been long forgotten if I hadn't shared it with the world.  The kids grew and my posts grew farther and farther apart.  There's so much I want to remember - even the mundane daily struggles.  My girls are growing up so quickly and I need to get back into the habit of writing about them.  Someday,my girls may stumble upon this hidden gem and enjoy reading about their adventures.  And I need to write about myself too.  I want to be able to look back and remember a younger me.

So, with that being said, I am hoping to work on reviving this blog.

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  1. When my kids were little, I kept a detailed journal, and wrote in it frequently. When they were adults, I retyped all those entries into a book I had copied and hard bound and gave it to each of them (there were 5). My son told me I had "given him his childhood back." So I do encourage you to get back to writing. I think your kids will love it later.

    I still blog daily. Have been doing it on line for 16 years now. It is my passion.

  2. One of my goals for 2016 is to write more, starting with keeping up my blog. I think that if I write (hah!) down this goal, I'll do better. Then again, maybe not - but it's worth a shot!