Thursday, December 17, 2015

Project Graduation

Say hello to the future Class of 2023 and 2025!!

High school graduation seems so far away.  I think about how fast the years have flown by... Valerie is almost *gulp* eleven and Veronica is nearing nine.  Before I know it, they'll be all grown up.  Graduation will sneak up on me....

Some years ago I read about a project for your child's high school graduation, and I knew I had to start it.  The basic idea was that starting in elementary school, place money in an envelope and stash it away.  It could be $1.00 here, $5.00 there.  Every so often, just put a few bucks that you won't miss in an envelope.  When their high school graduation comes around, your child will have a stack of envelopes to open and a nice pile of cash!!  It's such small amounts that you (the parents) won't feel a big hit to the wallet, and how fun will it be to watch your child dig into the many envelopes.  I began doing just money at first, then I decided to add a twist.  I started putting little keepsakes in the envelopes.  Letters they wrote.  Stories they wrote for school.  Pictures they drew.  Notes from the teacher.  Valerie recently got a postcard from school in the mail signed by all of her teachers commending her for being a great student.  The postcard sat on the counter -- forgotten.  I put a $5 bill and the postcard in an envelope and added it to my surprise box.  How much fun is it going to be when Valerie and Veronica are eighteen - all grown up - and my graduation gift to them will be this box of envelopes full of  sweet little memories from their girlhood?!?  

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  1. What a wonderful idea!

  2. Love the idea! Your girls will absolutely appreciate this.