Friday, December 04, 2015

Rigging up the lights!!!!

If you've been around a bit you know that we splurged and purchased a Light-o-Rama kit and radio transmitter at the end of summer.  We put it to good use for Halloween, which you can read about here .  We were even featured in our local newspaper and on  New Orleans TV news station WWL because apparently having a Halloween display is rare. Who knew?!

Little did they know that Halloween was just a trial run for the real show -- Christmas!!

Clint worked for days on end figuring out just how and where to string up Christmas lights galore.  He spent a good bit of his vacation Thanksgiving week hanging lights.  I always shop the after Christmas sales and with owning a LOR in mind, last year we stocked up on all kinds and sizes of lights.  Even with all that we have, this is small beans to some of the displays we have seen online.

The software is complicated to me, but Clint understands it because it's similar to music editing software he is familiar with.  Thankfully we had lots of help finding free sequences online!!  It takes hours and hours to break down each song and sync the lights to music, so thanks to everyone who is willing to share their sequences with beginners like us!!  One thing we didn't consider was the logistics of it all.  Extension cords?  LOR has 16 channels and you have to plug each in separately, so you have to link every string of lights on the same channel with -- extension cords.   I hope we never have to buy another extension cord again!!  BUT we'd really like to get another Light-o-Rama to boost our show to 32 channels for next year, so that means -- more extension cords.  Argh.

Anyway, it was a lot of work.  A LOT!!  We've gotten lots of great feedback, so it's worth it in the end.  You can check out our Facebook page (and like and share our videos!)  Bayou Blue Dancing Lights.

Here are a few clips -- enjoy the show!!

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