Thursday, December 03, 2015

Ultimate Photo Bomb

Every year around Thanksgiving, I gather up the family in decent clothes and we take a few pictures for Christmas cards.  We usually go some where scenic near by.  Every year I beg the kids to cooperate and not act silly.  It's almost always a disaster.  This year we decided to forego the traveling and used our back fence as the 'scenic' backdrop.  Clint had brought home some pallets and leaned them against the fence for a project that hasn't happened yet, so that seemed like a nice touch.

I set up the tripod and used the timer on the camera.  I tried to do it just before the sun was directly behind us, so we didn't have much time.  It was a pretty day, and the kitties were outside playing while we took pics.  Gizmo, being only 6 months old, is especially playful these days.  He was running all over the yard and having a good old time, and I didn't pay him much mind.  My focus was pictures, pictures.  I needed at least one decent family photo for a nice greeting card!!  No squinting.  No bad smiles.  Stop moving.  Just stand like this, put your arms here, nobody move as I set the timer on the camera and pop back into my spot.

After about 300 or so (yes, really)  I gave up and said that was good enough and there HAD to be one good picture in the bunch.

To my surprise, there was THE ONE.  I really couldn't duplicate this if I tried.  I didn't even KNOW until I was looking at the pictures and was in awe:

Apparently, Gizmo was playing behind the pallets and decided to pop out at the perfect moment, pause, and run off.  There is only one picture with him in it and he's perfectly posed with the rest of us.

I guess it goes with out saying that THIS is our Christmas card photo for this year!!

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