Friday, January 01, 2016

Goodbye 2015.....and Holidalies!

I survived the sleepover!!  It was complete chaos, but so fun at the same time.  The things we do for our kids, huh?!?  A few people cancelled at the last minute, and one kid was a no-show.   We had pizza first, then we watched fireworks for a bit, then it was cake and present time.  We put Val's mattress in the living room along with an air mattress, so the girls had a big camp out.  There was lots of giggling and very little sleeping!!  All the girls said they had a great time.  My ValGal was all smiles, so that makes it worth while.

Last night we went over to our neighbor's house for a New Year's Eve celebration.  We ate a ton of junk, had a few drinks, and sat our by a fire while watching the fireworks.  It was SO COLD but the kids had a great time.  We came home just before midnight.  I was completely exhausted and just wanted to go to bed, but we made sure to be outside a few minutes before twelve.  We had a few rockets left to shoot and there's so many people shooting fireworks around that you don't want to miss it.

It seems 2015 just passed me by....  I don't know where the year went.  Not feeling well most of the time left me with many days of going through the motions.  I felt so spacey and out of it so much of the time that I don't even remember half of what we did.

I don't call them resolutions, instead I always try to make a few goals for the New Year.  I've taken three weeks off from the gym, so getting back to it is my main goal.  The gym used to make me feel so good, but since my surgery, it makes me feel awful to push myself.  Dizzy and just a feeling of being "off." I enjoyed the break but after the holiday binge, it's time to go back and find my new niche. I hope to ride my bicycle more, also.  I enjoy that a lot, but the weather doesn't always cooperate and it's hard to find the time.

 I try to make house goals every year also.  De-cluttering is always number one.  I'm always getting rid of piles of stuff, but it seems more takes its place!!  I'd like to paint my foyer and living room this year.  We have a semi-open floor plan, so it's a lot of wall space.  The trim needs to be painted white also, along with the bedroom doors.  I have yet to decide on a wall color yet, even though we've had paint swatches taped to the wall for months!

Holidailies is over today.  Thanks to everyone who came by to read and comment!!  I got off track a bit and didn't blog daily.  I think this is the first year that I didn't post every day.  Another one of my goals is to blog more, so stick around to read about our adventures!!

May 2016 be a year of many blessings for all.......  

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bozoette said...

Happy New Year to you and your family!