Thursday, February 25, 2016

A mouse thing

Thingadailies is coming to an end, and just as I said, I didn't really participate much.....

Today, however, I made something worth sharing.  Our surprise Disney vacation is creeping closer.  Valerie and Veronica still have NO idea.  They both have decided that we MUST go to Disney for Thanksgiving, so that has helped in bringing it up in conversation.  "Oh, when we go to Disney World, we'll do this....."  They take it as a reference to going in November, whereas we are actually going very soon!!  tee hee!!

It's tough to keep quiet, but my plan is to hold off telling them until the morning we are leaving.  To them, we will be going on a boring 'business trip' with Daddy. They will be packed and ready to get on a plane.  I bought myself and Clint Disney shirts to wear. Today, I made Valerie and Veronica shirts.  I will wake them up the morning we are leaving and tell them I forgot that we all have to wear very special shirts to the airport.....

I'm pretty sure my Disney nuts will catch on pretty quickly.

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Today we made....

Today we made thirteen years!!   We were married during a candle light ceremony on February 14, 2003. Happy Anniversary to us!

I made this three minute video clip long ago when I was playing around with Windows Movie Maker figuring out how it worked.  We were trying to save a few bucks, so we bought a video camera and a friend was our camera man.   My Grandma was also supposed to walk down the aisle to be seated, but she was so excited that she made her caregiver bring her to the church an hour early!   You can see her sitting in the front as my Mom and Dad turn at the end of the aisle. I left off the part where I almost passed out - ha!  Yes, it was a little warm in church and we were all done with everything, and I began to panic and hyperventilate a bit.  As we signed the license, I remember the priest telling me this was the last time I could sign my maiden name.  After that we went back to our spot to kneel, I started feeling really bad!!   It did not last long, but I felt so hot and dizzy and we ended up skipping the part of bringing roses to my Mom and Clint's Godmother.  

For better or worse, in sickness and in health, 'till death do us part!  How things have changed and how time flies.  Clint sent me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers Friday.  This morning we exchanged Valentine gifts with the kids and we had an anniversary family lunch at Texas Roadhouse.

This is my most favorite wedding photo. We used it for our thank you cards.  I also had it made into a big canvas print because I loved it so much.

Unfortunately, this tooth of mine isn't any better.  Last night it was just aching so much I was in tears!!  It was after 2am before I went to sleep.  I guess I'll be at the dentist tomorrow.  The dilemma is that Valerie has an orthodontist appointment at the same time I can get in at the dentist.  I can reschedule her, but then....  I won't be home in time for school dismissal.  I'll either have to go check both girls out of school to bring them with me to my appointment and they'll be marked half a day unexcused absence.  Or Valerie will get off the bus and be home alone for the first time ever (!!!!!) and will have to get Veronica off the bus by herself, too.  So the TWO of them will be home alone for the first time ever.  Val says she'll be fine, but I am not so sure.  My other option is to wait it out until Wednesday morning....   I guess we shall see how bad I am hurting in the morning.

Happy Valentine's Day, friends....

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Don't chock on that baby

We had a few King Cakes this past Mardi Gras season.  Some of the better ones come from donut shops.  They're basically braided donut dough and lots of yummy icing.  Clint surprised us with one from The Cajun Markey Donut Company in Broussard.  Definitely ONE OF THE BEST !!

But I have to laugh.... this is the warning on the side of the King Cake box:

SO please, PLEASE be careful and do not "CHOCK" on that baby y'all.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Finicky the cat

This is too funny not to share....

When we last brought Bella to the vet, the veterinarian mentioned putting Bella on a prescription diet.  We all know she's on the tubby side, but isn't it pretty bad to have a cat so large she needs prescription cat food?!  Rather than go that route just yet, I decided to look for grain free cat foods to try myself first.  The tricky part is to find something that all three cats will eat.  Bella prefers dry food.  Gizmo likes canned food, but will eat some dry food if it's the right kind.  Sassy will eat either one, but not just any kind.  Tractor Supply's 4Health grain free dry food has gone over fairly well.  All three eat it!  Canned food, however, is another story.

On this particular day, I tested out a can Taste of the Wild.  I don't even know what flavor it was.  I divided the can into two glass bowls.  Not long after,  I hear glass rattling. Scratching.  Clink.  Scratch.  Rustle.

I go in the utility room to investigate and found this:

One bowl dumped over.  The other bowl COVERED up with a grocery bag Gizmo found on the floor.  I guess that's his way of letting me know he wasn't eating that shit.

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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Happy Mardi Gras!!!!

Today's the day ~ Fat Tuesday!!  My Mardi Gras breakfast ~  King Cake with good old Community Coffee.  Both Louisiana staples.

The kiddos are still asleep, so I don't know if we'll head out to the parades or be party poopers and stay home.  I hate to miss it because I know someday my girls won't want to go with us.  I never missed a parade when I was a kid.  Never.  It's pretty chilly and windy, so I'm leaning more towards staying home!  Plus, we are in the middle of updating our utility room, so Clint could probably finish it.  We shall see.  I have a couple hours to decide.

It's been twelve days since the dentist filed down my cracked tooth and put a temporary crown on.  For twelve days, it's been almost constantly hurting!!!  There were times after I took pain medicine that it went away, but it always returns.  It's been many years since I've had dental work done and never a crown, so I put in a call to the dentist's office yesterday.  I told the girl who answered that I was still in pain, and it had been over a week.  I didn't know if that was normal or if I needed to go in to have the crown checked.

"I have no idea," is what she told me.

Fa real????

I realize she's probably a receptionist/clerical person, but the person answering the phone should NEVER tell someone calling with a medical issue that they have NO IDEA!!  Either transfer the call to someone who does know or find out!!!  She did ask a tech, and came back and said, "You can come in" and pretty much said bye and hung up.  Didn't get my name or give me an appointment.

I ended up scheduling an appointment online to see the dentist who did the work, only to have the office call me to say he isn't there and my appointment was cancelled.  (turns out he is in Disney World)  Well, if you ask me, his name shouldn't be on the schedule then.....  why have an online appointment system set up if it isn't accurate??  So I explained again to that person that the tooth was still hurting pretty bad, much more than the original problem.  She proceeded to tell me that I needed to see the same dentist since he had done the work, but he is out on vacation until February 15.  Argh.

I protested a bit and said I really didn't want to wait that long, so she finally said to keep the appointment and she'd schedule me with one of the other dentists.  So I went in after all, and another dentist looked at it and adjusted the bite.  Part of the temp was hitting my top teeth at an angle, and he said that was like hitting a bruise over and over and it would never heal.  He said to give it a few days and see.....    As of this morning, it still hurts.

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Friday, February 05, 2016

King Cake!!

When a lot of people hear Mardi Gras, they think New Orleans, Bourbon Street, boobs for beads, and partying.  It is and can be those things if you are in the French Quarter.  It also months of preparation and weeks of celebrations, not just on Fat Tuesday.  Many surrounding areas have smaller, much toned down celebrations.  Here in Houma, the parades are much more family friendly.  Not that anything wild and crazy doesn't happen here, it's just not as widespread as in NOLA.

Another thing that comes to mind when Mardi Gras is mentioned is KING CAKE!!   King cakes come in all sizes and filling flavors from plain, strawberry, cream cheese, Bavarian cream, pecan, chocolate...  the list goes on and on.  Inside the cake is hidden a tiny plastic baby.  The general rule is if you get the piece with the baby, you're supposed to host the next king cake party.  Some places have opted out of putting the baby inside the cake.  It just sits on top and you can stick it in if you'd like.  Some still bake it inside, so you never know where it is.  Even though it's easy to spot, if you aren't familiar with it, eat carefully!!

There are good king cakes and bad king cakes.  Many of the doughnut shops sell king cakes made of doughnut dough.  You can't go wrong with a giant doughnut, but it's not a true king cake.  The grocery stores make and sell them also, but those are hit or miss.  Some are too much like bread. Some of them are overfilled with too much goo for my taste.  It is hard to find a really good king cake!!

If you're feeling the Mardi Gras spirit and can't buy one, you can always make your own King Cake.  I've made some from scratch, which turned out amazing but it was a lot of work.  You can cheat a little and find things in your grocery store to make a decent one.  It's pretty easy and quick.

Here's what you'll need:

2 cans of crescent rolls
butter, cinnamon and brown sugar, or white sugar if you prefer
Filling:  you can make it plain or with any filling you'd like --  pie filling works great.  Preserves would work also if you're feeling fruity.  You can mix in pecans with the cinnamon and sugar.  Strawberry cream cheese.  I used plain cream cheese mixed with powdered sugar and a splash of vanilla.

powdered sugar
vanilla or almond extract
purple, green, and yellow food coloring
sprinkles if you desire
small plastic baby or you can use a bean

- Mix softened butter, sugar and cinnamon 

-  shape a taco ring out of the crescent rolls and sprinkle the cinnamon and sugar.  Add your filling at this point also.  I did half cinnamon and sugar, half cream cheese.  Hide the baby in there, if you'd like to.

Fold over the points and pinch close the spaces as best as you can because the filling will leak out.  Bake according to the crescent roll directions.

Make the icing while it's cooling.  Melt a  few spoons of butter in a sauce pan on the stove.  Add in powdered sugar, vanilla or almond extract if you prefer.  When it's the consistency you want, add the dye - purple, green, and gold of course.

A lot of places put those crunchy sugar sprinkles on them.  I don't like that, but if you want to add them, do it before the icing dries so the sprinkles stick.   There you have it - a homemade King Cake for Mardi Gras!

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Thursday, February 04, 2016

It's carnival time!!!!

Last weekend was the start of Mardi Gras parades here.  Getting a good spot for the parade is important.  Very important!!  It's so important that Clint parked his truck along the parade route just after 2am Sunday and I followed him to give him a ride back home.  The parade didn't start until noon.......  so yeah, we left in the middle of the night to claim 'our spot.'  Ha ha ha.  We have lost our minds.

Anyway, we headed to hang out along the parade route about 9am.  We set up our chairs on the side of the road and just watched the traffic.  It's pretty fun sitting on the side of the road watching the cars pass by.  The krewe members ride around in party buses for hours before the parade.  Many of them are school buses painted fancy colors with the tops sawed off. They make multiple stops around town: restaurants, day cares, and of course bars.  They ride up and down the parade route too, tossing a few beads here and there.

A few friends met us at our spot, so we had a nice little group to hang out with.  It was a beautiful day to be out.  I usually love Mardi Gras parades, but I won't lie.  I wasn't feeling it.  My darn tooth was hurting the whole time we were out there.  I just kept thinking about going home to lie down!!  I stayed though, for the kids.  We had a few things to snack on, but it wasn't anything I could eat.  I didn't even bring my camera this year, so the few pics I have were with my phone.  I stuck it out though and helped the kids catch beads and stuffed animals.  It was two parades back to back, so we had quite a long day.  After the last float, Clint took the girls to get a late lunch and I was just feeling so bad I headed home.

This weekend is more of the same!!   Parade after parade.  I don't even know if we are going to go to any more.  It's supposed to be very cold and windy.  We certainly don't need any more beads!!! or stuffed animals!!! or plastic cups and trinkets!!!!  I hate to miss it.  I know the kids are going to want to go....  but as for me, I think I've had enough Mardi Gras for this year.

Monday, February 01, 2016

She wears a crown

Being right sucks sometimes.

I was brave and made a dentist appointment.  I figured it was best to get my achy tooth looked at now, before it worsened.  I was right -- cracked!!  The dentist said the tooth appeared to be okay and all it needed was a crown.  They checked with my insurance, gave me the numbers, and said they could put a temporary on that day.  I figured I might as well get it over with since I was there.

So, I let them do their thing.  The whole time I'm laying in that chair, I could hear my Dad's voice saying sometimes the cure is worse than the ailment.  The actual procedure wasn't horrible.  It's not something I'd care to repeat, but I didn't feel much of anything thanks to the Novocaine.  A couple of hours later I walked out of the dentist's office with a weird fake tooth covering my cracked tooth.

Then the Novocaine wore off.

Ouch.  The cracked tooth hurt and was an annoyance.  This temporary crown is ten times worse!!!  I know they did a lot of poking around and drilling (shudder) but this is real pain and is much worse than the original problem!!  It's been hurting almost constantly all weekend.  I haven't been able to eat anything and even talking hurts. I've been popping Motrin or Tylenol around the clock.


It seems a tad bit better this Monday morning, so I'm hoping that's a sign that this tooth is settling down. It isn't a constant pain anymore, but I still can't chew.  It'll be a long 3 weeks before the permanent crown comes in, and lucky me gets to do it all over again!!!

PS:  Today kicks of Thingadailies over at Holidailies!!  When I first saw it, I thought how FUN it would be to write about a thing a day.  I could share stories about my favorite things in my house or things that I use often.  Then I read the fine print and saw it said to make a thing a day and blog about it.  Oh.  Hm.  I'd like to participate but.... Well I just don't have time for that.....    At best, all you'd get from me a pic of whatever goodies I'd bake for the kids after school snack or what I made for dinner!!

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