Thursday, February 25, 2016

A mouse thing

Thingadailies is coming to an end, and just as I said, I didn't really participate much.....

Today, however, I made something worth sharing.  Our surprise Disney vacation is creeping closer.  Valerie and Veronica still have NO idea.  They both have decided that we MUST go to Disney for Thanksgiving, so that has helped in bringing it up in conversation.  "Oh, when we go to Disney World, we'll do this....."  They take it as a reference to going in November, whereas we are actually going very soon!!  tee hee!!

It's tough to keep quiet, but my plan is to hold off telling them until the morning we are leaving.  To them, we will be going on a boring 'business trip' with Daddy. They will be packed and ready to get on a plane.  I bought myself and Clint Disney shirts to wear. Today, I made Valerie and Veronica shirts.  I will wake them up the morning we are leaving and tell them I forgot that we all have to wear very special shirts to the airport.....

I'm pretty sure my Disney nuts will catch on pretty quickly.

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  1. Sneaky! I wish I could see their faces when it dawns on them.

  2. The shirts are adorable! Love them!