Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Finicky the cat

This is too funny not to share....

When we last brought Bella to the vet, the veterinarian mentioned putting Bella on a prescription diet.  We all know she's on the tubby side, but isn't it pretty bad to have a cat so large she needs prescription cat food?!  Rather than go that route just yet, I decided to look for grain free cat foods to try myself first.  The tricky part is to find something that all three cats will eat.  Bella prefers dry food.  Gizmo likes canned food, but will eat some dry food if it's the right kind.  Sassy will eat either one, but not just any kind.  Tractor Supply's 4Health grain free dry food has gone over fairly well.  All three eat it!  Canned food, however, is another story.

On this particular day, I tested out a can Taste of the Wild.  I don't even know what flavor it was.  I divided the can into two glass bowls.  Not long after,  I hear glass rattling. Scratching.  Clink.  Scratch.  Rustle.

I go in the utility room to investigate and found this:

One bowl dumped over.  The other bowl COVERED up with a grocery bag Gizmo found on the floor.  I guess that's his way of letting me know he wasn't eating that shit.

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  1. Smart cat! Nope, looks like he certainly wasn't eating that shit!