Sunday, February 14, 2016

Today we made....

Today we made thirteen years!!   We were married during a candle light ceremony on February 14, 2003. Happy Anniversary to us!

I made this three minute video clip long ago when I was playing around with Windows Movie Maker figuring out how it worked.  We were trying to save a few bucks, so we bought a video camera and a friend was our camera man.   My Grandma was also supposed to walk down the aisle to be seated, but she was so excited that she made her caregiver bring her to the church an hour early!   You can see her sitting in the front as my Mom and Dad turn at the end of the aisle. I left off the part where I almost passed out - ha!  Yes, it was a little warm in church and we were all done with everything, and I began to panic and hyperventilate a bit.  As we signed the license, I remember the priest telling me this was the last time I could sign my maiden name.  After that we went back to our spot to kneel, I started feeling really bad!!   It did not last long, but I felt so hot and dizzy and we ended up skipping the part of bringing roses to my Mom and Clint's Godmother.  

For better or worse, in sickness and in health, 'till death do us part!  How things have changed and how time flies.  Clint sent me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers Friday.  This morning we exchanged Valentine gifts with the kids and we had an anniversary family lunch at Texas Roadhouse.

This is my most favorite wedding photo. We used it for our thank you cards.  I also had it made into a big canvas print because I loved it so much.

Unfortunately, this tooth of mine isn't any better.  Last night it was just aching so much I was in tears!!  It was after 2am before I went to sleep.  I guess I'll be at the dentist tomorrow.  The dilemma is that Valerie has an orthodontist appointment at the same time I can get in at the dentist.  I can reschedule her, but then....  I won't be home in time for school dismissal.  I'll either have to go check both girls out of school to bring them with me to my appointment and they'll be marked half a day unexcused absence.  Or Valerie will get off the bus and be home alone for the first time ever (!!!!!) and will have to get Veronica off the bus by herself, too.  So the TWO of them will be home alone for the first time ever.  Val says she'll be fine, but I am not so sure.  My other option is to wait it out until Wednesday morning....   I guess we shall see how bad I am hurting in the morning.

Happy Valentine's Day, friends....

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  1. Happy anniversary and happy Valentine's Day! I do hope you get some relief for your tooth - toothaches are the worst.

  2. Happy Anniversary and Valentine's Day! I adore that video! Great choice of music too - I love Canon In D! Hope you get some relief from your toothache.