Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!!

I hope everyone had a nice day with their families!

Our Easter was fairly quiet.  We dyed eggs on Easter Saturday as we always do.  I made our traditional bunny cake, too.  Easter Sunday was stormy weather, so not having to get out was fine by me.  "The Bunny" was up in the middle of the night to make his delivery and was not able to go back to sleep!!  So, "The Bunny" was a bit tired all day.  Thankfully, Valerie and Veronica slept in until 7:30am instead of being up at dawn.  They did their egg hunt and promptly dumped the entire contents of their Easter baskets on the floor.  I cooked a nice Easter dinner of ham and all the side dishes and that was pretty much it!  We did a whole lot of nothing the rest of the day.

One funny thing was on Easter Saturday, I went for a walk around the neighborhood to get some steps in on my Fitbit and spied some Easter grass in front of a neighbor's house.  At home, I mentioned it to the girls and told them The Bunny must be in the area!!  Well, they wanted to go see for themselves so we went for a walk together to see the Easter grass on the side of the road.  They were so excited!!  When we got back, there was (gasp) Easter grass by OUR mailbox and walkway!!  (hee hee)  So they were super excited that The Bunny was near by and possibly marking houses to stop at.

I know my bunny days are numbered....  Valerie will be twelve this year, so it can't go on much longer.  It sure has been fun and I'll be sad when it's behind us.  I'm sure her friends must know and they can't all still believe....  I just hope I can bribe her to keep quiet so her little sister can still enjoy some magic.

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Going on a Treasure Hunt!

Here it is.....   it's a little long:

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Silence is wavering....

Ok, so my silence is wavering.  Honestly, I don't even feel like we are 'about to go to Disney' because we haven't been talking about it.  I can't say anything in front of the kids....  they aren't bubbling with excitement like they usually are because THEY DON'T have a clue.  I keep thinking part of the magic is the anticipation..... the planning...   so we are two weeks out and we're going to tell them sometime today.  I have a treasure hunt planned out that sends them all over the house and yard to find clues, and the very last thing they will find are the Magic Bands!!

Hopefully we'll get it all on video.... but be warned, cover your ears!!!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Life's Disappointments

Valerie has had her eye on being on the middle school's dance team for a few years now, so soon as try-outs were announced she signed up.  We had to attend a meeting that laid out what was expected and what we'd be responsible for (in other words - how much dough we'd have to shell out.)  Val kept saying she had it 'in the bag' because she had the grades and the dancing part down.  How she loves to dance....

They were to have three days of workshop before the actual try-outs.  After the first day, Valerie came home and said there was no way she was going to make it.  Something about not being able to do the kicks.  She stuck with the workshop though and learned the required audition dance.  Try-outs were supposed to be on a Thursday, but got cancelled due to severe weather.  Val was upset about the delay, but we used it to our advantage.  Practice, practice, practice.  She would not show the dance to me, but we had a neighbor friend come over who used to be on the team to give her some pointers.  That seemed to help boost Val's confidence a bit.

Try-outs were rescheduled for Monday after school.

Valerie was nervous when I dropped her off at school and I was nervous for her.  All day long I kept thinking how exciting it would be for her to make the team.  Of course I am proud of her either way.  Just that she had the guts to try out was farther than I ever got.  There were 42 (!) little girls trying out, so I knew the odds were against her because there would be more "nos" than "yeses."  I picked her up after try outs and Val said as she was changing into try-out clothes, her head began to hurt.  Bad.  As try-outs went on, she felt worse and worse.  She went straight to bed as soon as we got home, so I knew something was up.

If by 7:00 pm you received a phone call, you made the team.  If you didn't get a call, you didn't make it.  We waited impatiently for the phone to ring.

It did not.

(insert very sad face here)

My sweet Val was so sad and on top of that, she had the flu!   She ended up missing two days of school.  In a way, the flu was a hidden blessing because it was a big distraction to not making the dance team.  Val seemed to handle it well and didn't really say much about it.  I tried talking to her a bit but she either felt to sick or just didn't want to.  I know what it's like to want something so badly and for it to not work out.  Val is so used to being on top.  Student of the Month.  Principal's List A Honor Roll.  As on tests and being rewarded for good behavior.  These things seem to come easily for her, so not making the team she dreamed being part of is a big blow.  I know it's a good life lesson for her.  Disappointment for an eleven year old is hard though.

Valerie will try out again next year.  We've already talked about it and she will not give up.  From what I understand, this is only the second year that the fifth graders were included.  Until last year, the dance team was only seventh and eighth graders.  Next year she'll be older, better, and hopefully she'll have a good chance at making the team.

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

My Dad would be 83 today if he were still here with us.  I know that might sound really old to some, but it wouldn't be to me.  My grandpa, Ernest Russell, lived to be 104.  He took no medicines at all and was never sick.  This is awful but he died because of a bed sore on his foot that wouldn't heal.  It was decided that his foot had to be amputated, and he died two or three days after the surgery.  How sad is it to do that to a 104 year old man???   My grandma, Annie Russell, lived to be 98.  My Dad's oldest sister is still alive and she is 94.  Dying at 78 seems young in comparison.  He should have had 20 more years.  Even my Dad told me in his last days that he thought he would be around to see Valerie and Veronica get married.  I did too.

Dad always wanted a lemon cake for his birthday.  Every year I'd ask what kind of cake did he want and it was always lemon.  He loved lemon pie and lemon filling.  I sure wish he were here to bake a lemon cake for just once more.

Happy Birthday, Daddy.  I sure do miss you and wish you were here to see your granddaughters grow up.

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Irish-Italian Parade!!

One of the unusual events around here is the Irish-Italian Parade in honor of St. Patrick's Day.  They use some of the Mardi Gras floats and it's a much shorter parade route.  They don't throw beads at this parade.  They throw groceries!!!   No kidding.  Everyone lines up along the street with laundry baskets, wagons, ice chests, boxes, nets... whatever you can find.   The riders toss goodies into your basket (or whatever) as the parade passes.  Whole heads of cabbage, potatoes, carrots, onions, bell peppers, turnips, bananas, pineapples, and even boxes of mac-n-cheese.  The kids also caught a pack of Little Debbie cakes!

Now that's my kind of throws!!

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Friday, March 11, 2016

No school!

The house phone rang at 5:30am this morning waking me up!  I grabbed my cell to see a missed call, a voice mail, a text, AND an email all saying that school was cancelled!  We've had heavy rains and have been under a flood watch for a few days.  The possibility of 12"+ rain had been predicted through Saturday, so I guess better safe than sorry!  I tried to go back to sleep, but couldn't. Oh well.  At least the kids got to sleep in on a Friday!!

So far, it has drizzled a bit and not much more.  I know lower areas are more threatened than us, but really these kids could have gone to school today.  People get mad if they don't cancel, people get mad if they do.  We have hurricane days factored into the calendar, so I guess they decided to cash one in.

Gizmo is enjoying the weather.  He's been on the back porch darting in and out of the drizzle.  Silly cat!

Isn't he pretty? 

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Birthday Party Fun

Saturday we had a birthday party for Veronica at our house.  We lucked out and had perfect weather!  I like my at home parties.  I rent a bounce house, make the cake, and Clint grills hot dogs and/or burgers.  They can last all day instead of being locked into a time frame.

Veronica handed out 20 invitations between school and dancing.  I know from experience that RSVPing has gone out of style, but I always put an RSVP request anyway and hope for the best.  I had three Moms say they were coming, which was pretty good.  A few others just showed up, so Veronica was especially happy to see some unexpected friends.

What I don't understand is how a parent who has never met us can just drop their eight year old kid off at the curb and drive away.  Not one, but TWO parents did just that.  I watched as a small red Mini Cooper slowed in front of our house, a little girl jumped out, and the card sped off with out anyone ever looking back to see if she made it inside or if it was the right house.  That same little girls vanished mid-party.  No one came to the door to pick her up.  Someone had to have gone around the side of the house to the backyard, and she left with out saying good bye to Veronica or letting anyone know.  I was looking for her and she was no where to be found, so we could only assume that she left.  How can a parent sneak off like that with out even saying hello??   Whoever picked her up did so very quickly and quietly because we were outside off and on and my back door was wide open with all the kids going in and out.

Anyway, Veronica had a great day with her friends, cake, and presents!   I still can't believe my baby is nine.

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Sunday, March 06, 2016

Dreamin' big?

Yesterday we had a birthday party at our house for Miss Veronica.  More on that later....   I just wanted to come drop off this picture.

I went in her room this morning to gather up any dirty laundry, and she was sleeping in her bed like this:

Asleep on a pile of birthday money.  Ha!!! Ha!! Ha!

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Saturday, March 05, 2016

9 years and growing

I admit when I found out I was going to be a Mom again, I wasn't thrilled.  I was happy but apprehensive.  It's not that a baby wasn't wanted or unexpected.  It was the whole idea of being pregnant again.  It didn't take me long the first time to figure out that me + pregnant = awful.  With Valerie, I had never been so sick for so long in all of my life.  There was no break and I felt as if I were rocking on a boat 24/7 with awful sea sickness that I couldn't escape.  I hoped the second time around would be different because everyone kept telling me each pregnancy was different.  Oh how wrong they were.  The second was only different in that it was worse, much, much worse.  It's one of those things you forget over time and I can't even remember how to describe it.  I just remember crying so much because I felt so terrible and it seemed never ending and there was no break....

Hence the reason we didn't have baby #3.

Here I am the night before Veronica was born.  I was being induced so we had to check in at midnight, and this was my last big belly pic a few hours before we left for the hospital.

Literally with in hours after she was born, I felt like me again.  I wasn't sick.  The boat that I had been on for 9 long months had docked or something.

Veronica was born March 5, 2007 at 8:47pm.  She was such a pretty little baby.  She cried and cried.  The nurse had to suction her lungs and she did not like that at all.  We were left alone to bond with the baby, and she cried the entire time.  Clint held her and rocked her and she just screamed. Nothing calmed her.   That set the tone of what was to come!!  Then we ended up having to stay longer in the hospital.  She was a very slow eater and it took forever to burp her.  She spit up nearly everything she ate for the first few days, so they refused to discharge her.  It took a while, but once we were home we figured out we had to hold her a certain way to get that air bubble up.  She lived on gentle formula and mylicon drops for the first 6 months of her life!

Just as from those first moments, she was a crier.  She cried all the time.  As an infant, she cried when there was too much noise.  Too much light.  Too many people.  The terrible twos weren't any better.   Or threes.  I am not exaggerating when I say she literally cried about something every day of her life until she was nearly five years old.  Whew.

Somehow though Roni has outgrown the grumpiness and now is a VERY HAPPY bubbly little girl.  She has so many ideas and thoughts and plans for the future.  Every night she comes to have a talk with us.  As she paces the floor, she spills her ever changing ideas from being a YouTuber to being a pet rescuer to being a teacher to inventing something to solve a problem...    The very detailed plans and ideas just keep coming.

(to catch a glimpse into her head, here's Veronica's YouTube channel.  It's good for a few laughs)

I can't wait to see what my little thinker accomplishes in her life.

Happy 9th Birthday to my wonderful baby girl....   I love you very much.

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