Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

My Dad would be 83 today if he were still here with us.  I know that might sound really old to some, but it wouldn't be to me.  My grandpa, Ernest Russell, lived to be 104.  He took no medicines at all and was never sick.  This is awful but he died because of a bed sore on his foot that wouldn't heal.  It was decided that his foot had to be amputated, and he died two or three days after the surgery.  How sad is it to do that to a 104 year old man???   My grandma, Annie Russell, lived to be 98.  My Dad's oldest sister is still alive and she is 94.  Dying at 78 seems young in comparison.  He should have had 20 more years.  Even my Dad told me in his last days that he thought he would be around to see Valerie and Veronica get married.  I did too.

Dad always wanted a lemon cake for his birthday.  Every year I'd ask what kind of cake did he want and it was always lemon.  He loved lemon pie and lemon filling.  I sure wish he were here to bake a lemon cake for just once more.

Happy Birthday, Daddy.  I sure do miss you and wish you were here to see your granddaughters grow up.

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  1. My parents are both 92 this year and I pray every day that God will prolong their lives.

    Your dad sounds like a wonderful man. I am sure he is smiling at your girls from up above, nodding his head, proud of how great they are growing up to be.