Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!!

I hope everyone had a nice day with their families!

Our Easter was fairly quiet.  We dyed eggs on Easter Saturday as we always do.  I made our traditional bunny cake, too.  Easter Sunday was stormy weather, so not having to get out was fine by me.  "The Bunny" was up in the middle of the night to make his delivery and was not able to go back to sleep!!  So, "The Bunny" was a bit tired all day.  Thankfully, Valerie and Veronica slept in until 7:30am instead of being up at dawn.  They did their egg hunt and promptly dumped the entire contents of their Easter baskets on the floor.  I cooked a nice Easter dinner of ham and all the side dishes and that was pretty much it!  We did a whole lot of nothing the rest of the day.

One funny thing was on Easter Saturday, I went for a walk around the neighborhood to get some steps in on my Fitbit and spied some Easter grass in front of a neighbor's house.  At home, I mentioned it to the girls and told them The Bunny must be in the area!!  Well, they wanted to go see for themselves so we went for a walk together to see the Easter grass on the side of the road.  They were so excited!!  When we got back, there was (gasp) Easter grass by OUR mailbox and walkway!!  (hee hee)  So they were super excited that The Bunny was near by and possibly marking houses to stop at.

I know my bunny days are numbered....  Valerie will be twelve this year, so it can't go on much longer.  It sure has been fun and I'll be sad when it's behind us.  I'm sure her friends must know and they can't all still believe....  I just hope I can bribe her to keep quiet so her little sister can still enjoy some magic.

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  1. Love your bunny cake. It's adorable!

    Happy Easter, Mel!