Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Life's Disappointments

Valerie has had her eye on being on the middle school's dance team for a few years now, so soon as try-outs were announced she signed up.  We had to attend a meeting that laid out what was expected and what we'd be responsible for (in other words - how much dough we'd have to shell out.)  Val kept saying she had it 'in the bag' because she had the grades and the dancing part down.  How she loves to dance....

They were to have three days of workshop before the actual try-outs.  After the first day, Valerie came home and said there was no way she was going to make it.  Something about not being able to do the kicks.  She stuck with the workshop though and learned the required audition dance.  Try-outs were supposed to be on a Thursday, but got cancelled due to severe weather.  Val was upset about the delay, but we used it to our advantage.  Practice, practice, practice.  She would not show the dance to me, but we had a neighbor friend come over who used to be on the team to give her some pointers.  That seemed to help boost Val's confidence a bit.

Try-outs were rescheduled for Monday after school.

Valerie was nervous when I dropped her off at school and I was nervous for her.  All day long I kept thinking how exciting it would be for her to make the team.  Of course I am proud of her either way.  Just that she had the guts to try out was farther than I ever got.  There were 42 (!) little girls trying out, so I knew the odds were against her because there would be more "nos" than "yeses."  I picked her up after try outs and Val said as she was changing into try-out clothes, her head began to hurt.  Bad.  As try-outs went on, she felt worse and worse.  She went straight to bed as soon as we got home, so I knew something was up.

If by 7:00 pm you received a phone call, you made the team.  If you didn't get a call, you didn't make it.  We waited impatiently for the phone to ring.

It did not.

(insert very sad face here)

My sweet Val was so sad and on top of that, she had the flu!   She ended up missing two days of school.  In a way, the flu was a hidden blessing because it was a big distraction to not making the dance team.  Val seemed to handle it well and didn't really say much about it.  I tried talking to her a bit but she either felt to sick or just didn't want to.  I know what it's like to want something so badly and for it to not work out.  Val is so used to being on top.  Student of the Month.  Principal's List A Honor Roll.  As on tests and being rewarded for good behavior.  These things seem to come easily for her, so not making the team she dreamed being part of is a big blow.  I know it's a good life lesson for her.  Disappointment for an eleven year old is hard though.

Valerie will try out again next year.  We've already talked about it and she will not give up.  From what I understand, this is only the second year that the fifth graders were included.  Until last year, the dance team was only seventh and eighth graders.  Next year she'll be older, better, and hopefully she'll have a good chance at making the team.

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  1. Aw, I'm so sorry. I hope she's feeling better - in every way!