Friday, March 25, 2016

Silence is wavering....

Ok, so my silence is wavering.  Honestly, I don't even feel like we are 'about to go to Disney' because we haven't been talking about it.  I can't say anything in front of the kids....  they aren't bubbling with excitement like they usually are because THEY DON'T have a clue.  I keep thinking part of the magic is the anticipation..... the planning...   so we are two weeks out and we're going to tell them sometime today.  I have a treasure hunt planned out that sends them all over the house and yard to find clues, and the very last thing they will find are the Magic Bands!!

Hopefully we'll get it all on video.... but be warned, cover your ears!!!

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  1. The look on their faces in the video when you told them they were going to Disney was priceless!