Thursday, April 28, 2016

Disney, days 5 and 6!

Wednesday and Thursday were Magic Kingdom days.  We still had so much to do and Magic Kingdom takes up so much time.  It was busy and lines were long.  We slept in Wednesday so we didn't make it for rope drop.  Our plan was to try to stay past the parade and fireworks in hopes for lesser crowds and shorter wait times!!  It was also forecast to rain, so we brought along our rain ponchos and flip flops just in case.


Tom Sawyer's Island


The fort on Tom Sawyer's Island

It was pretty hot that day, bordering on miserably hot.  I was waiting for the rain to start so it would cool off and some of the crowd would go home!!  We had dinner reservations at 4:00, so we ended up leaving early and riding the monorail circle a few times to cool off and pass the time.  Dinner was at 1900 Park Fare, another of our favorites. Cinderella, Prince Charming, Lady Tremaine, Anastasia, and Drucilla visit your table and the buffet is really good.  Dinner was great as always and the stepmother and step sisters are always so funny!

Riding the monorail

After dinner, we headed back to Magic Kingdom for the night.  It was still pretty crowded. but much cooler.  We rode a few things and the rain finally came.  And it rained and rained with thunder and lightening too.  It rained so much that we were wading through several inches of water on the pavement. We had split up because Clint and Val were hoping to ride Big Thunder with a short wait, but with the lightening it was shut down just as they were about to get on.  Veronica and I took shelter inside the castle as we waited for the storm to pass.  I thought for sure the crowd would thin out somewhat, but NOPE!  All of us die-hard Disney fans donned ponchos and stayed.  Once the rain slacked off enough, we headed to Carousel of Progress since it's nice and long to wait for the weather to pass.

Meeting Tinkerbell before the rain

The rain eventually stopped and the park was just as busy as ever.  The parade was delayed a bit due to the wet pavement, so we stood near Main Street and waited and waited.  They'd announce the parade was starting in ten minutes.  Then they'd announce a delay.  We were about to give up and move on when it finally began. We didn't have the best viewing spot, but we got to see most of it.  Veronica didn't want to stay for Wishes (too loud) so we went back to riding instead.  After the fireworks, finally the crowd thinned out considerably.  We stuck to the plan and stayed until after 11pm, which is very late for us!!  We would have stayed longer if it hadn't been for the rain.  The rain had picked up again and it was just miserable, so it was time to call it a night.

Thursday was our very last Disney day!!  We spent the day at Magic Kingdom and it was even hotter than the previous days.  I don't see how people handle the parks in July.  We made it a point to catch the new Festival of Fantasy parade, and the sun was just beating down on us while waiting.  We had a front row spot, so it was either stick it out or move to the shade where we couldn't see very well.  We stayed and what a beautiful parade it was.

Unfortunately we had to cut our day short because we had to pack to go home!!  We took a last trip down Main Street and said our goodbyes...    I wanted to go up to the top of the train station to take pictures down Main Street, but the train was down for maintenance and the stairs were blocked off.

Val's souvenir ears

bye monorail

Heading to the parking lot tram

The sad walk back to the car

Other than getting a little confused on where to return the rental car, our flight home was pretty uneventful.  It's nice to get away, but I missed my kitty cats and I was ready to sleep in my own bed again.

Hello New Orleans!!

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  1. Yep, home sweet home! 8 days is my max when I am away on vacation. I get homesick after that.

    Lovely pictures of your beautiful family, Melanie.