Sunday, April 17, 2016

Disney Vacation!!

I spent all day Friday packing and cleaning the house.  I didn't want a bunch of housework left undone to be hanging over my head when we returned.  After both girls got home from school, we said our goodbyes to the kitties and headed to New Orleans for the night.  Clint used his reward points and got us cheap hotel rooms at the Hilton across from the New Orleans airport.

Saturday morning we were up at 5am.  Our flight was at 7:30, but even though we were just across the street, we knew it would take a while to park, check in, and get through security.  Clint checked out at the front desk and the clerk said to push the button at the exit and he'd open the gate.  We drove around and pushed the button.  Nothing.  Pushed and pushed.  The gate never opened.  I hopped out and went to the front desk, and the guy just said call me... push the button and I'll open the gate.  Um dude that's what we are doing!!  So we pushed and still nothing, so I went back in and he said security was coming.  He had gotten the call but the gate wouldn't open for some reason.  Time is ticking by and we needed to get to the airport across the street!!!  A security guy comes over and wanted to know what the problem was, telling us to just scan our card.... we had no card....   finally he pulls out his card, scans it, and the gate opens.  WHEW --  across the street we went and we made it to the gate with about 30 minutes to spare.

sleepy flight

Hello Florida

Thankfully the 1.5 hour flight was uneventful.  We got our luggage, picked up the rental car, and headed towards Disney World.  We stopped to grab lunch at CiCi's Pizza.  It's sort of a tradition to eat there.  We used to have a CiCi's here, but it closed, so now on vacations the kids seek one out.  Then, we headed to Epcot!

As we drove under the Disney welcome sign, Veronica hummed a high pitched tune and said, "It's like angels singing!!"  LOL!!

It was a beautiful day!!  I had a few fast passes booked, so we did those rides and a few other favorites.  It had already been such a long day, I didn't want to stay more than a few hours so we could get some rest.  We left in the late afternoon to pick up a few groceries at Target and check in the condo.

I made everybody shower and go to bed super early because the next day was our rope drop day at Magic Kingdom.  We all needed a good night's rest!

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  1. Lovely photos, Melanie. I can just imagine the girls' excitement!