Wednesday, April 06, 2016


K-E-Y....  you know the rest!!

I guess my next post will be after we have visited The Mouse!!  This is going to be my tenth visit to WDW and the fifth time bringing the kids.  I am excited.  The kids are excited. It's an exhausting vacation but so fun.  I am a little concerned about all the walking.  Can I do it?  Can I keep up with the miles and miles on my feet per day??   The 'bad' leg still hurts so much from time to time.   I've been trying to get lots of steps in on my Fitbit for practice.  Some days are okay, some days leave me in lots of pain.  It is what it is I suppose.

I have most of our things packed.  I have a few little things to gather and last minute things like toothbrushes and medicine.  About the only important thing left to do is print out our reservation information.  We stay off-site, so we'll need to show our documents at the gate to get in.  I know lots of people balk at the idea of staying in a non-Disney hotel.  Honestly the four of us in a hotel room almost frightens me.  It'd be miserable.  For less (yes less) than what a Disney hotel room runs, we will be staying in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath condo.  Each kid gets a room and we don't have to fight over a tiny, single bathroom.  Yes, I know Disney has villas available, but for what it costs for ONE night, I can stay for five nights offsite. Getting to the parks is a breeze - 10 minute drive.  Chances are you'd wait longer than that for the Disney buses (I know we have.)  We'd rather have our own car instead of being at the mercy of the bus schedule.  An extra $20 for parking is a drop in the bucket in comparison to the small fortune the trip costs.  Agree or disagree, it works best for us.


Did I mention I hate flying?  I hate flying.  I must sit in the front of the plane or I get terribly airsick. Once I took Veronica to the restroom in the back end of the plane and just those few minutes made me feel TERRIBLE. I am armed with"Earplanes" ear plugs, Bonine, Seabands, and this time I bought some mysterious oil that you rub behind your ears.  Even with that,  I expect to still feel queasy.   This will be my first flight since the thyroidectomy, so no telling how that will change things.  I get dizzy doing normal things, so I'm betting a plane ride won't help.  At least it is a short flight - only an hour and a half.  Then there's the whole ordeal of going to confusing airports, getting through security, boarding, sitting on a cramped plane, those tiny bathrooms, then rushing to baggage to retrieve your luggage....  and so on.  Ugh....  Some see it as fun but I don't like any of it!!

It's worth it though. ..  WE ARE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!!!    See you real soon!!


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