Monday, April 18, 2016

Magic Kingdom

Disney recap continued!

Sunday, we were up very early once again.  We wanted to be at Magic Kingdom for rope drop.  By getting there so early, most of the attractions would have little to no wait. I knew the parks were going to be busy, and this was our only day to see the opening show.

It takes so much time to park, get on a tram, catch the monorail or ferry, go through bag check and now they have random metal detector screenings also.  We arrived before 8am and were through all of that just in time for the opening show, or "The Good Morning People," as Valerie and Veronica like to call them.

on the parking lot tram

rope drop crowd

opening show

characters arriving at opening show

I'd decided that the FIRST thing we needed to knock out was to meet Anna and Elsa!!  Even after all this time, the wait times for those two are ridiculous.  Our last visit was 4-5 hour waits.  It's around 2 hours now, but there is no way I will stand in that line....  It was about a 10 minute wait at park opening.

After that, we had coveted Mine Train fast passes, which Clint rode with the girls (I do not like coasters at all.)  Val and I encountered a crazy lady in the Haunted Mansion queue who threw a fit because I'd moved ahead of her.  Never mind it isn't a 'line' ride and that a crowd of 50++ people are shuffled inside a giant room all at once.  The line isn't really a line at's a constantly moving crowd. Val was upset and scared that she was going to 'turn us in' that put a big damper on her mood the rest of the morning.

Val did finally cheer up at our fun Crystal Palace lunch:

We spent the afternoon going from ride to ride.  It was pretty hot so I let Veronica get soaking wet playing in the splash area.  About 4:00 we had decided we'd had enough, so we hopped on the train to ride it to the Main Street train station to exit, and by the time the train had circled the park, it was cooler and we felt much better and ended up staying.  It was 8:00pm or so when we finally did leave, so that was 12 straight hours at Magic Kingdom.  It was a great day, but I was more than a little beat...

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  1. These photos brought back so many wonderful memories - I visited Disney, Anaheim more than 25 year ago. When they boys were little, we went to Disney Hong Kong. Rodney was so happy, he sang "It's a small world" in his sleep!