Sunday, July 03, 2016

We are sixteen going on seventeen...

It was July 3, 2000.  My chat ICQ friend asked me to meet him for pizza at Pepper's in Thibodaux.  I had never been there and hadn't been to downtown Thibodaux in years.  My Mom said to go, it would be good for me to get out.  He gave me his phone number, and I called him.... first   That was probably a first because I've never been much of a phone person to just randomly call people.  I remember talking about the cats - my cats, and he told me he had a bunch of cats, too.  Hmmm ok a guy with cats - cool.  We set a time and I got ready and drove the 30 minutes to meet him.

I wasn't expecting much.  We had been chatting just about daily for a little over a month now.  How that came about is another story, but we had some mutual acquaintances so it wasn't as if I were meeting someone totally random.  I arrived first and the restaurant was empty.  I picked a booth to sit and wait, and it turned out it was his regular spot.  The only pics I had seen of this guy were on his webpage, mostly of him dressed up for Halloween.  There was one of him at work in coveralls showing off his Taz tattoo.

In he walked a few minutes late wearing a Taz shirt.  I knew right away it was him and my first thought was hmmm he shaves his head.  He's bald.  He didn't tell me that.  He had a small soft sided green cooler (a purse???)  which later I learned was how he carried his medicine around.  Diabetes meds.  We had some sort of chicken pizza, then went across the street to a bar where he worked security sometimes and we had a few drinks.  It too, was empty.  Someone mentioned a band was at a bar in Houma, so we headed that way to see "The Chee-Weez."  It was pretty crowded there, but the band was great!  At some point, the guy I was with went to the restroom or to get a drink, leaving me sitting by myself for a few minutes.  Some dude came out of no where and started chatting me up.  When the guy returned, the chatty dude eyed the big bald guy up and down and pretty much stopped mid sentence and faded away.  (lol)

It was a fun night out and I wasn't really sure about this new friend of mine.  It wasn't really like a 'date' date since we had just hung out for the evening.  Over the next few months though, he grew on me....

It's crazy how fast the years have gone by.  Sixteen years ago today, Clint and I met!  Sixteen years sounds so long, yet it seems like yesterday.  It's as if this is how it was supposed to be all along. I barely remember life before him and the kids!!

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