Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Test the Waters, Baby Bird

This Momma bird isn't used to baby bird leaving the nest!

Valerie went on her first trip with out us over Labor Day weekend.  Her BFF invited her to go camping all the way in Mississippi!  Ok, so it's only a little over 2 hours away.  I know it's good for her to go off with out us to learn to be independent.  She is almost twelve and I can't keep her in a bubble forever.  The family is nice and I knew Val would be fine, but this Momma bird still worried a bit about my baby going off with out us.  Even if Val got a little homesick, I figured it would make for great memories, so we said yes she could go.

They left on Friday after school and returned late Monday afternoon.  (Longest. 3. days. ever!! BTW)

Val returned a little sunburned, with a pile of dirty laundry, and all smiles.  I'd say that's signs of a great trip!  They went to the beach, a water park, and ate junk food all weekend.  It was HOT she complained, and the rest was just jumbled up bits and pieces of fun.

One thing's for sure, I do believe it is time for Val to get a phone.  She has an iPod Touch, but with no wi-fi at the campground, there wasn't any way to contact her directly.  The mom kept in touch and Val called home to check in, but I would have felt much better if she had her own phone.  Isn't it odd how dependent we have become on instant communication?!  I was older than twelve, but I went on many school related trips.  I'm sure I must have called home via payphone, but it was no big deal if I didn't talk to Mom several times a day.  Val will be 12 in December, so I'm thinking it would be a perfect time for a phone.

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