Thursday, October 06, 2016

Bayou Blue Dancing Lights

We've had our Halloween show up for a few weeks now.  We purchased a second Light-o-rama controller and some RGB floodlights months ago.  Clint re-made the singing pumpkin face with rope lights and built dancing pumpkin arches out of trick or treat buckets.  Last year was a much smaller show as a test run to see how it all worked.  This year, it's bigger and better!  Clint tweaked the sequences a bit and he hopes to add a few more songs before Halloween.  Time is everything because CHRISTMAS is right around the corner, and in just a few weeks, it's time to start setting it up.  He has to basically re-do all of our sequences to include the new channels. I have a general understanding of how to build a sequence, but I've never sat down and tried to figure out how to do one.  We definitely have no shortage of lights. Last year we shopped the clearance sales and OH the lights we bought.  I happened upon Target's 90% off sale, and I got nearly $400 of stuff for $40.

Anyway, here a few pics and video clips of our Halloween handiwork.  You can find us on Facebook as well :  Bayou Blue Dancing Lights

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