Thursday, October 13, 2016

Killer Clowns from (insert town)

Apparently the states are crawling with killer clowns.

It's true, I saw it on Facebook.

There are groups of clowns going around trying to capture people.  Some clowns have machetes.  Some have knives, big knives. Some have baseball bats.  There'a tan SUV that drives around with no lights on and when it stops, it's dropping off a clown.  Before the cops get there, the SUV picks them all up and they drive away.  The clowns come out at 9pm every night, so you should stay inside.  Yes, random killer clown sightings are happening all over.  Yes, even where you live, even though I have no idea where that is, the clowns are coming for you.

 *rolls eyes*

Seriously, people?

I can't fathom that so many people believe there are gangs of clowns roaming the streets looking for victims.  From reading through the comments on FB, so many believe this and will shoot a clown on sight.  Um, it's a person in a clown mask.  A "clown" isn't a foreign species.  Putting on a clown getup doesn't turn you into a crazy, deranged killer.  If it were true, if anything, I'd think being in a CLOWN costume would make it that much more obvious and easier to catch.  It's the freaks in plain clothes that hide in plain sight that you need to worry about.  Not some kid in a Halloween costume.  I'm not saying it's not happening at all, but most likely it's a copy-cat trying to be funny....  like:

The cops here just picked up a couple of teenage boys for riding around in a truck with a clown mask.  They weren't doing a thing except riding down the street.  They weren't trespassing.  They weren't stealing or vandalizing anything.  Just kids being kids riding around.  Supposedly there's a law from the 1920s that was created in regards to the KKK that made it "illegal" to wear a mask except on Halloween and Mardi Gras.  I do not know of anyone ever picked up by the cops for wearing a Halloween mask.

I guess it's easier to believe something absurd than to think rational.

In the mean time, Homie don't play dat!

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anita moscoso said...

That is a REAL killer clown!

bozoette said...

Thank you!