Friday, October 14, 2016

The horror of family photos

Today's Halloween post is about the frightening event of taking pictures.  Family pictures.  We recently returned from a long weekend get-away to the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  The scariest thing we did while there was make an attempt at family pictures.  I always take our pictures myself with a tripod and my camera's timer.  The camera will take ten shots back to back so it's just a matter of me pushing a button then dashing to pose with the family.  Part of the reasoning behind this is pictures are expensive and the point of having a Canon Rebel is to use it. The only problem is I cannot see what everyone else is doing until I look at the pictures later....

Hence, the other reason I do not wish to pay big bucks for photos is this:

What. are. you. doing?

Oh. that. 

My youngest is sweet, beautiful, and so smart.  Something about staring into a camera lens brings out the sillies in Veronica in worst possible way.  It took yelling and threats and bribing to get her to stand still and smile.   I took around 500 pictures - yes FIVE hundred - and a handful of them are decent.   For those, I am thankful.  The rest is pure entertainment.

The struggle is real, y'all.

This kid has spunk.  This kid has her own way of doing everything.  Her mind is made up and that is how things will be.  She is definitely colorful to say the least.  I wouldn't change a thing about my funny little firecracker.

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MissMeliss said...

I am, quite possibly, the most unphotogenic person in the world, so for me family photos - ANY photos - are a special level of hell. Great post. Great family. Great to have a reason to visit your page outside of December.

Zenzalei said...

I got a kick out of this. Go, Veronica!