Saturday, November 26, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our Thanksgiving was quiet.  We ordered a ready made dinner from a local grocery store, Rouses.  It really is a great deal - $80 for all the works.  It does come cold in plastic containers , so you end up dirtying baking dishes to warm it all.  Still, you avoid all the prep work and cost wise is about the same if you bought it all and started from scratch.  Valerie requested a ham, so I tried the crock-pot-ham that was all over Facebook.  It came out great!  The kids like rice dressing also and Veronica requested a cheesecake.  That was the extent of my cooking for Turkey Day!!  We have lots of leftovers so I can get a kitchen break for a few more days.....   I foresee a Turkey and Sausage Gumbo in the future!!

I did a little bit of Black Friday shopping  -- online!!!  I stayed up Wednesday night waiting for the sales to go live and got just about everything I wanted. though -  GRRRR!!  I had everything in my cart that I wanted and 10 minutes after the sale started, I had checked out.  Yay!   Only seconds later, I got a notification that my entire order was cancelled.....  what?  I thought maybe it was a credit card issue, so I tried again with a different card and again, cancelled!!  I had Clint hurry and log on to his account and we started all over, but by that time some of the things we wanted were out of stock!!!  We managed though.  I still have no idea why my orders were cancelled.  Customer service said I didn't pass their security checks, but all of my info is correct and I have had that account for years!!  I sat up a few more hours after that drama waiting for Best Buy and Target.  Best Buy was an easy score as all I wanted a Fire Stick.  Target was taking their good old time and eventually I gave up.  I'm glad I did because the one thing I wanted was an iPad and at the last minute Target changed it to in store only!!

I hope everyone out there had a Thankful Thanksgiving with their families!!!
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