Saturday, December 31, 2016


I can't say 2016 was a bad year, nor was it exceptionally great.  We've had our share of ups and downs, but such is life.  Health wise I am feeling better than years past.  I feel like kids kept me busier than ever.

I remember staying up until midnight on NYE when I was a kid expecting something big to happen.  We'd watch the ball drop at 11 our time, then wait.  There was a KC Hall around the corner, and if my Dad and I stood outside at midnight, you could hear all the noise from the big party held there.  Fireworks were illegal, but there were always a few firecrackers going off somewhere anyway.  It always seemed like those people were having a ball and it made me wonder what I was missing out on.  Finally at 18 (the drinking age was 18 in Louisiana for many years) I got to see what the fuss was about.  It usually wasn't much different than a regular night on the town.  Sometimes it was fun, but a lot of times it was just too hyped.  Still, I remember feeling like I HAD to go out on NYE.  It just seemed so sad and boring to sit at home and I felt like I was going to miss something.

Now I'd rather not go anywhere at all.  Tonight I will ring in 2017 with my little family of four at home. Clint went fireworks shopping yesterday.  We're supposed to get lots and lots of rain over the next few days, so we're hoping for a break in the weather to burn some money in the driveway.  Midnight is not looking dry at all, but it should be dry enough right after dark.  Valerie has requested fried chicken - Popeye's specifically - for our NYE dinner.  I don't have to cook so that's fine by me!

If you are going out, be safe!  Happy New Year's Eve, everyone.

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