Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Alive and well

Somehow dear Santa, you are very much alive and well in our household.  Valerie is days away from being twelve, so those days are numbered. She was so excited about Chippy our elf returning and I just gave her a 'look.'  I thought for sure she would know by now, but I'm not saying anything.  At first, I wasn't sure if it was for our benefit or if she was just playing along.  She's said a few things that made me suspect she has her doubts, but for now she seems to really Believe.

Chippy the Elf arrived Thanksgiving week and Val hasn't cared one way or another.  She doesn't even look for him like Veronica does.  Yep, Santa, your days are numbered.

Veronica is only 9, so I'm sure she has a few years left, as long as Val doesn't spoil it for her.  I can easily see Valerie blurting it out in a fit of rage to purposely ruin it for her little sister.  Roni has told us kids at school said it was your parents.   Once she even told us she was going to stay up all night on Christmas Eve, not to watch for Santa, but to watch US to make sure we didn't leave to go shopping.  (hahaha!)  For now, though, she's all about Santa.

I know it will all end and that makes me a little sad.  It's been fun planning and surprising them on Christmas morning.   It is a lot of work at times figuring out what to get and where to put it.  We had to get creative and find hiding spots for a few things, but somehow we always pulled it off.  For now, Santa is all set to pass in 23 days and that's fine with me.   Let them believe in the magic as long as they can.

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