Sunday, December 04, 2016

And the verdict is.....

Yesterday Valerie auditioned for Youth Honor Band.  It was her first audition experience, and she was so nervous and scared from the moment she got up.  I told her,  "It's not like you are being judged by Simon Cowell!!  It's going to be some nice band director from another school."  Her scheduled time was 11:12am, but you were able go any time before that, just not after.  Val got up, ate breakfast, and we left about 9:30am.

We drove to the audition location and found our way to the registration table in the gym.  Val checked in and was given her slip of paper to give to the judge.  She could stay in the gym to warm up as long as she wanted and could head to the audition room whenever she was ready.  She went over her music just once and said she was ready to get it over with, so off we went for her to audition.  Luckily there was no one waiting, so she walked right in and did her thing.  I know she was nervous and I was nervous for her.  I was proud of her for trying because it wasn't required to do so, and I know it took a lot for her to do it.

When she walked out, she said she was SO GLAD that was over!!!!!   We decided to grab an early lunch and came home.  There was a big Christmas festival with free activities and a parade, but neither kid wanted to go.  Harumph!!  So we sat around the house and watched movies all afternoon.

A friend told me that the list would be posted on our district's webpage, so I kept checking it off and on.  Honestly, I was doubtful.  Not that I didn't believe in my kid, but there were 60 or more kids vying for 15 clarinet spots.

Nothing.  All day long, nothing.

Late last night, I was laying in bed and I was just about to turn off my light and go to sleep.  I was scrolling through FB to kill time, and I saw someone posted their child had made the Junior High Honor Band.  I clicked on over to the webpage and find the Youth Honor Band list and scanned it for the clarinets.

There, as lucky number 13, was Valerie's name.

She did it!!  My daughter made Youth Honor Band!!!

Of course I had to run and tell her right away.    Val was SO excited and started "fan girling"  (aka screaming!)  "And I was so scared!!" she said....      Yes, baby girl you were, but you faced it head on and came out smiling.

Words cannot express how so very proud I am of my sweet girl.

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