Sunday, December 11, 2016

Birthday Party Day

As predicted, our Saturday was busy!

We had Chic-fil-a for breakfast and it was the usual chaos.  Luckily when we walked in the line for pictures with Santa Cow and Elf Cow was very short, so we did that first.  We managed to score the very last table so the kids could sit to eat.  Both girls decorated cookies and Veronica did the craft, and we were done.  Val said a few times she was the oldest kid there.  They seem to be outgrowing such events...

Here ya go Bev - Santa Cow!

We headed home and did a little housework and sat around until it was time to leave for Val's birthday party.  We left early because I had to pick up some candles and I wasn't sure how long it would take for Little Ceasar's to make 5 pizzas.  None of that took very long and we ended up just driving around to kill time.

Val had handed out 19 invitations to her school friends.  Not. One. Of. Them. Came.  Not a one!!  I don't know if it was the timing being close to Christmas or what.  I know one person flat out lied and said they were busy with a family event, but they were sitting at home. Thankfully some of the regulars came -  one friend from dancing, Veronica's friends, and Val's Godparent's children.

Val didn't seem to mind much.  She said she had a blast!  

I usually make all our birthday cakes, but I cheated this year and took the easy way out.  She wanted an "Undertale" cookie cake, so instead of making one, I bought a cookie cake at Sams.  I took their Christmas stuff off, put a little more icing, and put an "Undertale" cake topper on that I had ordered online.

My ValGal got a big surprise opening gifts...    her eyes welled up with tears when she realized what it was.

A phone!  Her first phone.

She was so excited.  With Valerie staying after school for Beta Club, band, and starting to travel with those groups, I'd feel better about it if she had her own phone.  She sure was surprised as I have been telling her forever she didn't need a phone!

We stopped at the mall on our way home to catch the Houma Community Band concert.  Veronica and I checked out the free "ice" rink.  It's basically plastic sheeting sprayed with water or maybe soap (?) to make it slippery.  The line was pretty long, but maybe we'll go another day if Val and Roni want to try it.  Me?  No way am I even going to attempt it.

It took a little convincing to get them out of the mall, but we finally headed home.  It was a good day but I was exhausted!

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  1. Happy birthday Val! I'm glad she had a good time.