Monday, December 19, 2016


Have you finished all your Christmas shopping?

This time of year, I gladly admit to having a bit of a shopping addiction.  Not just shopping but bargain shopping.  I can't pass up a deal especially if it's something I can use.  I mean, have you seen the cheap things you can buy on and from China??  Sure, sure, they're knock offs sometimes and occasionally you get China junk, but the majority of the things I have gotten were surprisingly nice.  It just takes forever to get here.  Like weeks and weeks.

How about these $6 dresses from

Sizing is crazy off (those are XL) and there's loose threads galore.  They're not designer quality, but for a cheap, cute outfit, you can't beat it.   A tip:  quite often the things you see on can be found on for less!  Always check feedback and read reviews before buying also.  And give plenty of time for arrival, as China Post is very, very slow.

Internet shopping is the best.  I'm not one to just make an impulse purchase.  I always look for a deal.  A discount coupon.  If I can get free shipping and the price is the same as in store, I'll buy it online if I can wait a few days.  Target Red Card rocks with 5% off and free shipping all the time!!   Kohl's cash is fabulous stacked with coupons.  Discover deals gives you extra cash back, as does Ebates!!!  See, I told you I always look for a deal!!

Going out of business sales are the greatest also.  Our K-mart just closed, and I swear I stopped by every week.  At first it wasn't much of a discount, but I found out every Thursday was mark down day.  Every Thursday some of the departments were marked down more.  I stocked up on make-up essentials and gym clothes at dirt cheap pricing.

Now that I'm done with Christmas shopping.....  next is the BEST day of the year.  December 26!!  Have you been to Walmart at 6am on December 26 when everything is half price?  Or Target a week later when anything Christmas-y is 90% off??

Oh, I have... and I will....

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