Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Re-cap

Christmas Eve! 

I spent most of Christmas Eve day doing dinner prep.  We usually take the easy road and order a dinner to go, but we decided to cook Christmas dinner this year.  I brined a turkey and made some of the side dishes ahead of time.

Veronica has been sick with a stomach virus since Thursday, and now she had this nasty sounding cough.  Constant cough.  Clint took Veronica to urgent care in the morning, and they said she had a virus that was going around.  By the afternoon we thought she was on the mend since she said she was feeling much better.  Maybe it was the Christmas excitement that made her feel better.

We always have party food on Christmas Eve - finger sandwiches, BBQ meatballs and sausages,  chips and dip, and deviled eggs.  We took pics in front the tree and then it was present opening time!

the aftermath

Everybody was in bed super early. Veronica usually is too excited to sleep, but she said she wasn't going to stay up this year.  I knew something was wrong.   Santa was able to pass before 11pm.  Santa brings the good stuff:

About 1:15, Veronica woke me up and wanted me to go to the bathroom with her.  She peeked into the living room and Santa had passed!  Of course she had to get Val and have a look at their stuff.

It took some convincing but I finally shuffled them back to bed.

Christmas Day

Clint got up first and started on cooking Christmas dinner.  I had just gotten up when I heard Veronica coughing. And coughing.  She said her stomach hurt or maybe she was hungry, she didn't know.  She took about 5 steps down the hall, and ran to the bathroom to throw up.  She barely looked at her Santa stuff again and didn't even ask to open any of it.  She didn't even have interest the laptop she had been pining for. My poor girl spent the whole day laying on the couch, vomiting off and on.  She tried to eat applesauce and it came up.  She'd drink water, and it came up too.  Ugh.  We thought about an ER visit, but who wants to be at the hospital on Christmas Day??   We just let her rest.  I basically cooked Christmas dinner in between tending to her.  By then with so much done already, it was past the point of postponing it.   I felt so bad, but me, Clint, and Valerie had Christmas dinner with out Veronica.

Finally very late in the day Roni was able to keep down some apple sauce, then some Power Aid, then much later some chicken noodle soup!!!   I sat with her in bed and showed her a few things on her new laptop and she was almost her normal happy self.  I sure was happy to see that smile.

I still feel awful that she missed most of Christmas.  She was so excited about Santa and I spent so much time planning, and it was a bust.  Valerie is too old and doesn't seem all that interested in the magic anymore.  For sure we'll have a do-over of Christmas dinner once she is 100% well.  I usually start taking down my inside Christmas decorations on the 26th but this year I'll leave them up for a few more days.
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  1. Oh, I'm so sorry Veronica was sick! I'm glad it was short-lived though. Here's hoping everyone stays well.