Thursday, December 29, 2016

Disney scheming

Once again, we are all set to head on over to Disney World!!   We'll be driving this time since flying has just gotten ridiculously expensive.  Our trip is mostly planned out and I've been waiting for my Fast Pass 60 day window to open to make our ride selections to plan our days.  That was today, so I got up much too early to camp out in front my laptop waiting for 6am.  We're only going to Magic Kingdom and Epcot this trip to maximize our park time. I like Animal Kingdom okay, but Disney Studios doesn't interest us much at this time.

A few weeks ago, Disney threw a big wrench into our plans.  Last year they introduced a new money making scheme:  a ticketed private after hours event at Magic Kingdom.  There were only 3,000 tickets available which is small beans in comparison to the 60,000 guests in Magic Kingdom on an average day.  Can you imagine the Magic Kingdom a ghost town??  I read reviews.  I saw picture after picture from people who attended these events and it was like they were all alone.  No one in sight, or maybe 3-5 people here and there.  All the rides were walk on.  Some were the only people on the ride.  Walk off, walk right back on rides that normally have a 120 minute wait.  Plus "free" ice cream and drinks.  Whoa.

If you need a visual...


Turns into THIS:

How much would you pay to spend three hours in a deserted Magic Kingdom??

The day after I bought our park tickets, Disney announced the return After Hours Event for 2017, and they lowered the price.  There's one of these events smack in the middle of the week we are going.  Again, Whoa.

I'm a sucker.  I may have fallen for said scheme and bought four tickets for this three hour private event to the tune of $507.

Disney logic:  My kids are Disney nuts.  It will be Veronica's birthday while we are there.  It's only money and it's probably the only time we'll ever get to experience an empty Magic Kingdom.

I would imagine an empty theme park is a bit.... creepy.  But the Magic Kingdom is one of my most favorite places on earth, so being there with nearly private access to almost the entire park is something I just couldn't pass up.

Our trip is still a while away, but I will be sure to post a detailed update on the after hours event once we're back!!

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  1. We went to a similar event way, way back in the day (it wasn't nearly so expensive then). It was great! Just wandering the park without having to jostle with anyone was a treat in itself. I'm sure you all will have a wonderful time!

  2. Is that $507 EACH?

  3. I don't think anyone would pay $2000 for 3 hours in MK!! That's more than the whole trip will cost.