Friday, December 02, 2016

Finally Friday!

Whew, it's finally Friday!!  I went to the gym this morning for a Les Mills Combat class, then I ran a few errands.  I needed a few things from Walmart to make  chili for dinner, and I had to stop at Kohl's to spend my $15 Kohl's cash from Black Friday before it expired.  I picked up some gym capris and a cute top and only spent $4 of my money.  Then I stopped at K-Mart for a minute.  Our K-Mart is closing in 10 days, and I have been stopping weekly to check the clearance markdowns.  It's looking pretty bare and I didn't find a thing that I felt I had to have!

Valerie has been staying after school to practice her audition music for honor band.  When I picked her up yesterday, she knocked on the car window and said she couldn't open the door (?) because her hands were full.

She had her jacket, school bag, clarinet, and this:

She got student of the month!!!   I'm one proud Momma!!  She is such a smart girl.

Tomorrow is Valerie's honor band audition.  She is in the lower level band, but she is first chair clarinet.  This audition will be a first for her and she is nervous.  She's been struggling with the prepared piece for a while now.  She finally got a hang of the scales she needed to know, I think.  She mentioned something about having to sight read also.  Big stuff, for her anyway.  She's so scared she has talked about chickening out and not going at all!!  I told her she has to try - if she doesn't make it, it's ok.  Not trying won't get anyone anywhere....  She definitely has my anxiety.  I know just how she feels though as I have been there myself with honor choir auditions.  Even though I knew the music and knew I could sing, I was always terrified.  I hope her nerves don't get the best of her.  So, if you don't mind, please send good thoughts and vibes to my ValGal as she auditions for honor band tomorrow morning!!

After her audition, I'm sure we'll grab lunch somewhere.  There's also a big Christmas fest here in town, but rain is heading our way.  Usually it's just a parade, but this year a whole festival was planned around the parade.  I'd love to see what it's about, but if we go will depend on what happens with our weather.

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