Tuesday, December 27, 2016

It's a major award!

Our local power company has a holiday lighting contest each year.  It's probably a ploy to encourage people to decorate excessively so their bills will go up!  We've been decorating and entering for many, many years.  Every year we'd put up more lights and we'd get the usual consolation prize in the mail - a calendar.  We've suspected it was rigged because the same people win almost every year.  You can't win two years in a row, but family A wins one year, family B the next, then family A again, and B... and so on.  They put up the exact same decorations every year and still win.  The guy that won for our district last year had plenty of lights, but he also had one of those Star Shower things.  A Star Shower won - really??  Clint's theory was that we didn't have anything on the roof (too high) or anything religious (not our style.)

Well, Christmas Eve I was poking around online with my new iPad and what do I find but an article in the paper about another local family who has a big Christmas display.  The article mentions that they were winners of the lighting contest in their district.  The article went on to list the other winners -  and guess who was first on the list?


The prize is $100 cash.

After all these years of entering we finally put up something worthy of winning.

I felt like the old man on "A Christmas Story."

"It's a major award!  I won it!"

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