Monday, December 12, 2016

Light 'em up!!

This year is our second year using Light-o-rama.  We went a little crazy and purchased a zillion lights on clearance after Christmas.  I had hit Target and everything was 90% off, so I got lights for pennies.  In April, we bought a second LOR 16 channel controller and some RGB floodlights.

This year, Christmas took a good bit of work. Clint made mini trees out of tomato cages.  He also designed an 18ft mega tree.  Some of the tricks he learned along the way was to use flexible conduit to make frames for all the windows.  Tie wrap the lights to the frame, and when you're done, take the frame down.  Store it.  Next year, pop the frame back in place and you're done.  So, he spent a lot of time putting that together as well.  It should make next year easier.....  unless we convince ourselves we need a 3rd controller and more lights!!!

Anyway, I posted a video on our Bayou Blue Dancing Lights Facebook page as I have done many, many times before.  I didn't do anything different than last year.  I did a quick edit in Movie Maker and put our info in the opening credits, and it's about a minute clip of  our show.  Maybe it's because people are looking for something good in this world of constant bad news.  Or maybe they are just ready for Christmas fun.  That video just took off, and was shared over and over and over.  My notifications have been going nuts.

According to FB stats, as of now, 218.000 people have seen the post.  My video was shared 2,100 times.  66,000 people have watched the video.  Sixty-six thousand!!


I'd say that's gone a little viral, at least for this small town.

Thankfully the traffic hasn't been that bad.  There's 2-5 cars at most in front the house at any given time.  I expect the weekends closer to Christmas to be a little busier..  The biggest issue has been the noise - people cranking their radio so loud our windows rattle.  I just hope none of the neighbors complain.

We didn't really count, but we estimate we have 20,000 lights on the house.   Here's a few clips of the show....  enjoy!

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  1. Wow, that does look like a lot of work. My Mr. put a few strings on one of our balconies and we're calling it good. Of course it's been below zero and snowing, so I'm glad we got that much done. :)

  2. Holy smokes, that's amazing! We can barely put a single string on our balcony railing. :)