Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas Eve!

It's a wintry 80 degrees here in South Louisiana.... Ah, Christmas weather.  Or not!  It's hard to feel like Christmas when the a/c is blasting and we're all in shorts.

Veronica slept through the night but still isn't quite over what she has.  She's better, but not better.  She's got a nasty sounding cough now and says her stomach still hurts.  I gave her a slice of bread and after two bites, she said she couldn't eat anymore.  After listening to her cough for a while, Clint brought her to urgent care.  They said they've seen a lot of the same thing and gave her Zofran and Imodium.  I guess we'll have to wait it out.  With Christmas falling on a Sunday, her pediatrician won't be open until Tuesday, and that seems far away when your little one is sick.

I feel bad because I have this whole yummy menu planned out for tonight and Christmas Day.  Veronica has been looking forward to Christmas Eve for weeks now, and being sick will surely put a damper on things.  She's still in a good mood and excited, but tummy troubles means she can't eat much. Valerie has been looking forward to it too, so I can't just nix the whole plan.

I've always opened gifts on Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day was for Santa.  We've kept it that way, so tonight we'll have our little party foods and open the gifts under the tree.  I usually give the kids small useful things they need.  Santa brings the good stuff.  And DOES Santa have some good stuff this year!!  No doubt it will be a sleepless night for all while waiting for Santa to pass.

Merry Christmas Eve to all my blogging friends out there....
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