Wednesday, December 21, 2016

NOLA Christmas Fest!

What a great day we had celebrating Valerie's 12th birthday!!

Everyone got up with out much fuss, ate breakfast, and got ready for the hour drive to New Orleans to attend NOLA Christmas Fest.  We knew it was going to be a good day when we got to the parking lot and it was mostly empty!!  We walked across the street to the ticket window, and we were the only ones buying tickets.  I had read on Facebook that if you brought in an empty Coke product can, there was a $5 discount on admission.  Instead of it being $80, it was $60, and by buying at the venue we avoided all those crazy Ticketmaster fees.

The Ernest N. Morial Convention Center is gigantic!  Inside there were characters, decorations, lights, Christmas trees, carnival rides, a maze, a snow ball fight area, an ice slide, and a great big ice rink.  Ice skating is unheard of in South Louisiana, so the rink is a big draw.  Valerie headed to get ice skates first thing!  She held on to the wall and slowly made her way around.  Veronica watched for a bit and decided she wanted to try.  It turned out to be her favorite thing.  I would have loved to try, but I hit the floor a few years ago at the roller rink and never forgot how much it hurt.  

The best thing was the crowd was so low.  There was little to no wait for anything, no lines, and no crowds.  Both girls had a blast and spent just about all day riding the carnival rides.  The Scrambler and Tilt-a-whirl were favorites, and they rode them over and over.  It was well worth the $15 a person to get in.

The only downside was food choices were very limited and way overpriced.  Just four chicken tenders, fries, and a drink were $11!  The prices I expected, but more variety would make it better.  There's no re-entry, so you can't really leave for lunch and go back.    

After we got home, we cut Val's birthday cake.  Every year she gets two cakes --  one at her party and a red velvet cake on her actual birthday.  

Anyway, here's a ton of pics from our fun adventures today!

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