Sunday, December 18, 2016

Oh fudge

We're all familiar with the line from the famous movie, but fortunately I am referring to real fudge candy.   Yesterday was hot (80ish) and humid, but I had planned to make fudge so I was going to make fudge.  I guess I thought I could make fudge invincible to the elements.  I got out my largest sauce pan and got busy cooking sugar, evaporated milk, and butter.   I stirred and stirred as it all melted together in creamy goodness.  I stood there stirring until my handy candy thermometer read the magic number: 236 degrees.  I did the usual soft ball test of placing a small bit in a bowl of cold water.  It's supposed to form a ball when you pinch it together, but it did not.  Instead, it just washed into nothing.  So I got a clean bowl of water and stirred the pot a little longer.  I tried a few more times, and even though it was at soft ball temperature, it still would not firm.  I eventually said to heck with it and blended in the vanilla, milk chocolate chips, and marshmallow creme anyway.  I poured it into my buttered pan, but I knew it was a flop.  Usually the fudge on the sides of the pot will began to harden fairly quickly.  We loved to scrape the sides of the pot and eat it while it was warm!  Instead I had a sticky mess.  A fantastically good sticky mess, but no where near fudge consistency.  I waited a while and decided to dump it back in the pot and cook it a little bit longer.  Then, back in the pan it went.  It firmed up somewhat, but not where I could cut it into squares.  I told the kids they might get to eat fudge soup with a spoon, which Veronica replied "I like fudge soup!"

The pan spent the night in the fridge, and thankfully today I can cut it into squares!!  It tastes fab, but it isn't quite fudge consistency.  It's more of a yummy chocolate candy.  I don't think anyone will complain.

I also made a batch of my Mom's Christmas cookies.  Now those came out just perfect!  I may or may not have had a few for breakfast this morning.

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