Friday, December 16, 2016

On to Christmas break

This past week was a busy one filled with all the usual holiday activities. Tuesday night was Valerie's dance class's party.  Wednesday afternoon there was a parent activity in Veronica's classroom.  Wednesday night was Valerie's Christmas band concert AND Veronica's turn for her dancing party.   I was only able to stay for two of Val's band songs, then I had to bring Veronica to dancing.  I was worried I would miss the band concert completely, so I was happy to at least see some of it.

Today begins Christmas break!  Two whole weeks with no set schedule.  I know the kids are glad but this Momma is glad too!!  I need a break from the routine sometimes as well.  Clint is on vacation until the end of the year also, so all four of us will be home for two weeks - yay!!  What will we do??  Who knows.....  we may take a trip or two to New Orleans, see a movie, we'll definitely do some holiday baking and cooking, but beyond that....  we'll see what comes along.

Only five days until my Val Gal officially turns twelve....

Only 9 days until Christmas....

And only 15 days left in 2016!
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