Friday, December 23, 2016

Santa on the Fire Truck

Every year, usually the weekend before Christmas, Santa and Mrs. Claus pass through neighborhoods in a fire truck parade.  They usually throw junk candy, but one year we got toothbrushes!!  We can hear the sirens long before it is here, and it's hard to judge how far away it is.  From when we first hear them, it's usually a couple of hours before he actually passes.  Last weekend wasn't any different.  We waited and waited and the sirens would grow louder then fade away again.  We'd think he'd was just around the corner, and nothing...

Finally they turned into our neighborhood!!

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  1. Oh, I forgot--the town where I grew up had a volunteer fire department, and they also drove Santa through the neighborhoods. I think they may also have given kids rides on the truck. I haven't thought about that in decades. Thanks for the memory.

  2. I've never seen a blue fire truck before! Our fire truck Santa comes on Christmas Eve, in the dark. First year we were here for that it was a bit disconcerting as we'd never heard sirens in the neighborhood before and didn't know it was Santa coming.