Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Seamingly a seamstress

My Mom was quite the seamstress.  She was self-taught using sewing books,  My Mom tried to teach me to sew for about five minutes.  She wasn't a very good teacher and I probably wasn't a good student.

This is her very old Kenmore machine.  She had several over the years, but this was her 'good' machine.

I must have soaked up some of what she taught because somehow I know how to thread the machine, how to thread the bobbin, and wind the bobbin.  I can adjust the stitching and even change out the needle.  Maybe I just watched her enough that it sunk in.  I can do a few basic things, but I'm far from a seamstress.

Veronica has been asking about learning to sew for a while now.  She wants to make doll clothes for her Barbies and American Girl Dolls.  She's even said she is going to learn how to sew watching YouTube tutorials, and surprisingly that is a possibility.

Veronica's first 4-H event was in November, and one of the contests was to sew a drawstring apron.  I looked over the pattern first and saw it was with in my skill level, so she signed up.  I took her to JoAnn's and she picked out  the cutest fabric.  I have a couple hundred spools of thread already thanks to my Mom, so I knew I likely had a close match.

I did all of the cutting and pressing.  I started the seams and Veronica finished them.  She did about 90% of the sewing all by herself.  It isn't perfectly straight, but she did a great job for her first try.  I even found some rick-rack in my Mom's craft supplies stash that matched the fabric to give it a little detail.  Roni did not win anything as there were hundreds of aprons to pick from.  That's ok.  We spent time together and accomplished something.  Who knows... maybe this will spark her interest in sewing and she will teach herself like my Mom did.

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  1. So cute! Well done, Roni!

  2. adorable, and she looks very proud of herself!