Saturday, December 17, 2016

Student of the....

Veronica came running off the bus with a bunch of stuff in her hands.  I thought it was stuff from her party at school, so I greeted her as I always do.

"Hey baby girl, how was your day?"

She stopped a few feet from the door.

"I got.... student of the month?"  she says looking very confused and handing me a certificate.

What.  You got WHAT.

I just grabbed her and said "Oh baby, nobody told me.  I didn't know.  Nobody called.  I'm so sorry."   She starts to cry.  The whole time I'm thinking WTF???  Angry momma surfacing.

See, the school does this award ceremony for Student of the Month.  The parents secretly gather in the cafeteria.  Many bring gifts - flowers, balloons, etc.  At 9am, the office makes announcements calling one student from each class who is getting the award.  The students all walk in together and the parents all clap and cheer.  Then each kid is called on stage to get their award and take pictures.  Then the child goes to sit with their parents to eat donuts.  SIT. WITH. THEIR. PARENTS.

No one called me.  No one told me.  I knew nothing about this.  I wasn't there.

Veronica gets this award every year, so she knew the drill.  All I can think is my sweet girl proudly walked into the cafeteria believing that we would be there to cheer her on.  She must have scanned the crowd and looked and looked for us.  I'm sure her heart sank when she couldn't find us, then she realized we really weren't there. I know she was hurt and confused.  I know she cried.  The principal took a few pictures and printed them out for us.  Someone pulled her BFF from class so that she had someone to sit and eat donuts with.  I am glad she wasn't alone.  I still know my girl had to be incredibly sad, and that hurts my heart so much.

Veronica's teacher said she sent me a text through this service they use to send out test and homework info.  I never got it.  Veronica's BFF said the teacher told her that she forgot to call me.  Either way, I know it wasn't intentional but I am so sad that I missed it.  I NEVER would have missed it had I known.  NEVER.  This was the very last Student of the Month ceremony- ever.  She won't get it again this year.  Veronica will be moving to the middle school next year where they no longer do this.   Sad face.

Of course, I am still super proud of my Veronica.  Clint picked up donuts for our breakfast today so we had our own little make up celebration at home.

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  1. Congratulations to your daughter! I'm sure she knows that you would've been there if you had known, and it sounds like you guys had a really sweet donut party at your house. Great job mom!