Wednesday, December 07, 2016

The Mystery of the Disappearing Elf

Chippy, our Elf on a Shelf,.... vanished.

For a little while.

I had put him inside a box we have that is a cat toy.  It has circle cut outs so the cats and climb in and out of it.  I posed him peeking out of the hole.  Valerie doesn't have much interest in the elf these days, but Veronica looks for him first thing each morning.  She looked and looked but never found him.

When I got up the next morning, I was going to put him in a more obvious spot.  I sleepily go to the box....  NO Chippy.  I thought maybe my husband had spied him there and moved him.  I asked if he had relocated the elf, he said no.  NO??  Um ok.  Did I move him in my sleep?  Did I move him and forget?  I scanned all the usual spots.  No elf.

Veronica got up and started looking for him and couldn't find him.  The whole while I'm thinking me either!!

After the kids were off to school, I started searching room by room. I looked under all the beds and all the furniture.  I checked under pillows and blankets. I knew he had to be somewhere and hadn't just vanished.  I half wondered if Valerie thought she was going to be smart and hide him to see if he'd reappear.  Or maybe she took him for a closer look to see if she could determine if he was real or not.

But, deep down I knew just who the culprit was.

Usually, Gizmo brings his prizes into our bed while we are sleeping.  I've woken up many times at 2am to find the cat staring at me with a beanie baby stuffed animal at his feet.

I had a thought and grabbed a flash light and LO AND BEHOLD there was poor Chippy, sprawled out behind the Christmas tree.  Gizmo dragged him from the dining room and dumped him behind the tree.  I'm glad he decided to hide him, because if he has left him in the middle of the floor questions might have arose...

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