Wednesday, December 28, 2016


We were up early today for a dentist visit.  The kids, not me.  Veronica was nervous, so I went back with her.  Valerie went by herself, so I really don't know what they told her, if anything.  Veronica has not one, but two small cavities.  Ugh.  We are very diligent with teeth flossing and brushing, but I know it's bound to happen anyway.  She's still doing better than I ever did because by age 10 I had a bunch of filling already!!  She's scheduled to go in Monday afternoon for the fillings, so I hope she handles it well as this will be her first experience with dental work.

I started un-Christmasing the house this afternoon.  I know, it's still Christmas until January 6, but it can be Christmas with out all the clutter around.  My Mom usually started picking up Christmas afternoon and by December 26 not a bit of Christmas was left.  I do like my pretty decorations and it makes me a bit sad to put them away, but the 'stuff' all over can be a little too much.  I packed just about everything away except for the tree, and I'll start on that tomorrow.  There are some people around here who leave their trees up and turn them into Mardi Gras trees.  Nope, not me....

The outside lights will be up for a while longer.  January 1 is our scheduled last day for the light show, but it looks like it may be sooner.  The show just does not run in the rain.  Even light rain trips the GFCI, and we are forecast for a "rain event" over the weekend.  I guess our NYE will be a rain out, so Friday may end up being the last day.  It will take some time to take down the lights and label everything so we know where it goes next year!

How about you?  How long after the holidays do you leave your Christmas stuff up?

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  1. Ack! You overachiever. I have no intention of taking down Christmas decorations until after New Year, and I'll be lucky to get my few things down by Epiphany. Greg always asks, "Can we take the Christmas cards down before Easter?"